Special Education

Special Education

Special Education

  • Plan B Transition: Open school in Online Instruction with a return as soon as feasible

    It is our goal to return all students to school buildings as soon as health and social distancing requirements can be implemented safely. We are working through the dependencies of Staffing, Transportation and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Students who receive most of their instruction in General Content Classrooms will return to in-person learning as determined by the overall district schedule. Parents should choose this option if they wish for their student to return to in-person learning with their grade level peers.  

    Elements of Plan B include:

    • Ability to rotate into in-person instruction and online instruction with flexibility, depending on state and community selected options
    • Scheduled instruction with classroom teachers and/or Instructional Assistants through online groups or as individuals, moving to in-person instruction at school
    • Instruction online includes: class interaction, small group instruction, recorded sessions and independent work
    • Progress Monitoring of Goals
    • Access to teachers and classmates initially in online instruction and then in person
    • Access to Related Services through Teletherapy and in person, upon return to the building
    • Individual unique needs of students to be addressed in IEP meetings that reflect services initially in online learning and then in person

    Virtual Academy for Students with IEPs

    Virtual Academy is offered as both a semester or school year option. Students will remain in Virtual Academy for the selected time period. Parents should choose this option if they wish for their student to remain in a consistent setting and schedule for an extended period of time. All instruction will be offered through online instructional formats. 

    • Access to content and specially designed instruction through online learning
    • Progress Monitoring of Goals
    • Access to teachers and classmates in online learning 
    • Instruction online includes : class interaction, small group instruction, recorded sessions and independent work provided by teachers and/or Instructional Assistants
    • Access to Related Services through Teletherapy 
    • Students will need varying levels of support in online instruction. Some students with IEPs require closer supervision and assistance. This might come from a parent, guardian, or other responsible person in the student’s support system. 


    Evaluations will resume beginning the first week of August, if sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been delivered. Evaluations will be offered during the school day and with some additional hours in the afternoon and on weekends. If your student has an evaluation in process, you will receive direct communication regarding scheduling assessments and evaluations. 

    Considerations for IEP Development for Online Instruction

    For many students, the IEP as written can and will be implemented, regardless of whether the student is receiving in-person or online instruction. For other students whose IEPs may need adjustments as a result of the change to an online delivery format (Plan B, Plan C, or Virtual Academy), an IEP meeting will be scheduled to develop an Online Instruction Service and Support Plan. This individualized support plan is a temporary addendum to the IEP that will address IEP goals, accommodations and modifications, specially designed instruction, and related services to be implemented in an online instructional setting, and is a supplement to the online instructional framework in place for all students.

    Some of you have expressed concern that online instruction, without direct, in-person support, will be insufficient to meet your child's needs. These concerns are being addressed in several ways.

    Online instruction provided this school year will be a different experience than what was offered last spring. Instruction will include a combination of live instruction, pre-recorded lessons, and other activities. Classes supported by instructional assistants will continue to receive their support. Students who continue to need direct support will receive support, in their online learning environment.

    We have not yet found a way to safely provide specialized instruction or related services in students' homes or child care centers that reflects the level of standard that you can find in the Return to Campus Guide for Families. In the meantime, the district will be offering a variety of support to facilitate online instruction for PreK-12 students with special needs, including parent training, and real-time, live feedback to parents and other caregivers present during the online instruction.

    Should you have concerns regarding special education and/or related services during online instruction, you may request to schedule an IEP meeting with your school.

Update Regarding In-Person Instruction for Regional Program Students

  • We no longer are targeting Sept. 8 as the date for regional programs or Pre-K students to return to school buildings. Learn more. 

Virtual Academy for Students with IEPs

All students in WCPSS may enroll in the Virtual Academy, including students with IEPs. Review the Virtual Academy website to determine if this a a good choice for your student. If questions or concerns arise regarding the implementation of the IEP, an IEP team may convene to discuss goal implementation in the virtual learning environment.