Special Education

Special Education

Special Education

  • It is our goal to return all students to school buildings as soon as health and social distancing requirements can be implemented safely

    When students do return to school buildings, students who receive most of their instruction in General Content Classrooms will return to in-person learning as determined by the overall district schedule. Students served in Regional Programs may follow a different schedule.

    Students enrolled in Virtual Academy will follow the approved procedures for those students. 

    When students are learning online, we will continue to offer:

    • Progress Monitoring of Goals
    • Access to teachers and classmates in online learning
    • Class interaction, small group instruction, recorded sessions and independent work provided by teachers and/or Instructional Assistants
    • Access to Related Services through Teletherapy

    Students will need varying levels of support in online instruction. Some students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) require closer supervision and assistance. This might come from a parent, guardian, or other responsible person in the student’s support system.

    For many students, the IEP as written can and will be implemented, regardless of whether the student is receiving in-person or online instruction. When school teams find that a student's IEP goal cannot be addressed in online learning, the team will address the goal and any potential learning loss when we return to in-person instruction.

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