Special Education

Special Education

Special Education

Special Education - Health and Safety Protocols

  • Students with disabilities may require modifications to the general health guidelines in order to provide required services and maintain healthy practices. We are committed to working closely with students with disabilities and their families to address individual concerns and needs. 

    Student Arrival and Health Screening

    Health screenings are no longer required prior to entering school or boarding vendor transportation.

    Face Coverings

    Students are expected to follow general WCPSS Face Covering Guidelines. Face coverings should not be placed on:

    • Anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious. 
    • Anyone who is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance. 
    • Anyone who cannot tolerate a cloth face covering due to developmental, medical or behavioral health needs. 

    If a student cannot tolerate a face covering, they must submit a request for a face covering accommodation.  

    Social Distancing

    Students and employees are expected to follow required social distancing and minimizing exposure guidelines. Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be available for employees whose duties require a closer proximity to students and/or the management of bodily fluids (toileting, feeding, etc.). Staff assisting students in instructional needs, hand-over-hand assistance, or physical redirection requiring close
    proximity (closer than 6 feet) will wear cloth face coverings and splash guard face shields.


    Teachers will be teaching handwashing in the classroom, incorporating handwashing breaks into the school day, and reinforcing handwashing during key times throughout the school day, such as:

    • before eating;
    • using the restroom; and
    • touching shared objects. 

    Students who require assistance with handwashing will have hand-over-hand assistance. If the student is unable to access a hand-washing station, hand sanitizer (containing at least 60% alcohol) will be provided. 

    If your child has sensitivities to hand sanitizer, please communicate this with your child’s teachers so they can provide your child other opportunities to clean their hands.