Reporting and Contact Tracing

  • Investigations and contact tracing only occur during business hours Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Estimated time frames may take longer after weekends, holidays, or days off. Estimated time frames may also be delayed if health officials are unable to contact individuals, are unable to confirm a COVID-19 diagnosis, or if the individual lives in another county.

Step 1. Notify your Supervisor

  • You notify your principal or supervisor.

    You need to: Isolate from everyone until you have received further guidance from health officials.

Step 2. Supervisor Notifies District

  • Principal/Supervisors report COVID-19 cases to WCPSS Health Services Team. 

    You need to: Continue isolating until you have received further guidance from health officials.

Step 3.WCPSS Gathers Info For Wake County Public Health

  • WCPSS COVID-19 Response Team Member and/or Wake County Case Investigation Team calls you and gathers the following information: 

    • When and how you were diagnosed with COVID-19
    • When you were last in a WCPSS facility
    • Individuals with whom you have been in close contact

    You need to: Answer the phone and provide accurate info to the case investigator. Someone should call you within 2-8 business hours. Provide a copy of your positive COVID-19 test, if possible.

Step 4. WCPSS Notifies Wake County Public Health

  • WCPSS notifies Wake Co. Public Health of your case, providing the health department with: 

    • Copy of positive test result (if available)
    • Case timeline
    • List of possible close contacts for contact tracing

Step 5. WCPSS Notifies Staff And Families

  • WCPSS will notify families the morning after the case is reported.  Students and families will be notified by text and email using School Messenger and will be directed to check the WCPSS COVID-19 metrics website. 

    Principals will notify staff via email and direct staff to check the WCPSS COVID-19 Metrics website.

Step 6. WCPSS Will Notify Close Contacts

  • WCPSS COVID-19 Response Team staff will notify your close contacts connected to WCPSS within one to two business days. They will instruct them to quarantine until they have received specific instructions from Wake Co. Public Health.

    You need to: Notify your close contacts who are not connected to WCPSS.

Step 7. Confirmation Of Covid-19 Diagnosis

  • Wake County Public Health verifies and confirms the positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

Step 8. Wake County Public Health Provides Isolation Guidance

  • Wake County Public Health contacts you within 2-10 business days of your report. During that call, they will assess you, provide you isolation guidance, and confirm the list of your close contacts. Wake County Public Health will ask if you want your symptom monitoring follow-up to be by text or email. 

    You need to: Answer the phone when contacted. Stay home and away from everyone else, including household members, until the end of your isolation period.

Step 9. Contact Tracing And Notification Of Contacts

  • Wake County Public Health starts contact tracing within 2-5 business days. They will notify your close contacts not connected to WCPSS, and follow up with your close contacts connected to WCPSS who have already been notified. Health officials will not release your name or identifying information when communicating with your close contacts. Health officials will provide your close contacts with quarantine information and guidance.

Step 10. Symptom Monitoring

  • Wake County Public Health sends regular text or emails to screen you for symptoms, needs, or resources.

    You need to: Answer and respond to messages, noting any changes in symptoms or need for resources.

Step 11. Complete Isolation And Quarantine

  • You may return to work or school after 10 days in isolation. Your household members should start their 14-day quarantine after the end of your 10-day isolation.

    You need to: Request an email/note from Wake County Public Health noting you were directed to isolate or quarantine. You should submit a copy of the email/note to your supervisor or Human Resources.