• The health and safety of our bus riders has always been our top priority. We have implemented additional measures this school year to keep students and staff safe.

    Please review all of the following information carefully.

    Attestation Form

    The parents of yellow bus riders are required to submit a one-time attestation form stating that they and their child will abide by all health and safety protocols for bus ridership. Parents can fill out the form online or complete a printed form and turn it into your school. Printable forms can be found at wcpss.net/busform. Students are not permitted to ride the bus until this form has been submitted. Parents will need to submit a form for all of their children who plan to ride the bus during the 2020-21 school year. 

    Vendor Transportation

    The health attestation form is not applicable for vendor transportation. A parent or guardian should wear a face covering to accompany the student to the vendor vehicle while maintaining a six-foot distance from other passengers. The student will need to pass the symptom screening checklist and a temperature check before boarding the vehicle. The parent or guardian will need to answer the symptom screening questions for the student. 

    Bus capacity

    As you know, the school board recently approved a plan for some students to return to campuses beginning Oct. 26

      • Students in PreK through third grade, along with K-12 special education regional programs, return to the classroom on a rotating basis beginning Oct. 26 before attending class on a daily basis beginning Nov. 16.
      • Students in grades 4 and 5 will return to school in three-week rotations beginning Nov. 16 and continue until the end of the semester. 
      • Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 will return to school in three-week rotations beginning Nov. 9 and continue until the end of the semester. 
      • Students in grades 9-12 will attend remotely through the end of the first semester.

    Do not send your child to the bus stop during the weeks they are in remote learning. If you are unsure which week your child is to attend school in-person, please contact your school.
    Before preK-3 and regional program students return for daily instruction on Nov. 16, all yellow buses will be running at approximately one-third capacity. When those students begin daily instruction, bus capacity will still remain low enough to ensure appropriate distancing.

    Updated health and safety measures

    This video includes step-by-step instructions for safe bus procedures.

    We need everyone to follow these procedures:

    • Students should wait six feet apart and wear face coverings while waiting at the bus stop.
    • All students riding a bus or vendor transportation must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times while on the bus.
    • Students will board the bus one at a time, seating themselves in the rearmost seat available unless otherwise directed by the bus driver.
    • Students should sit one to a seat on middle school buses; siblings are allowed to share a seat.
    • On elementary school buses, students should sit one to a seat whenever possible. Siblings may share a seat. When preK-3 students return to daily in-person instruction starting on Nov. 16, it may not always be possible for students to sit one to a seat.
    • No more than two students at a time will be seated in a vendor transportation vehicle, except for pre-k through 5th grade.

    All transportation vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected between each bus route and after the final route of the day.