Oct. 19, 2020: Band, Chorus Rehearsal, Instruction Restrictions

  • Based on discussions among principals and academics stakeholders, all high school arts activities will begin on Monday, Oct. 19, with the following two exceptions: high school bands and orchestras will not be allowed to play brass or woodwinds and high school choral groups will not be allowed to sing. 

    In addition, these exceptions will be in place for all K-12 in-person instruction, once it begins. 

    Percussion and stringed instruments will be acceptable for rehearsals and instruction.

    Groups can, however, meet and participate in team-building activities, SEL activities or other music-related activities that do not involve singing or playing instruments.

    Recent aerosol studies have led the Wake County Health Department and the ABC Science Collaborative to advise that it is in students’ best interest to refrain from playing instruments or singing at this time. 

    We will keep you informed as the guidance around this issue is updated.