Oct. 15, 2020 - Special Education Updates


    Return to school for PreK and Regional Programs

    October 26 is coming up soon! Please begin to practice wearing a face covering with your child in your home setting in order to help students become familiar with adults wearing masks. It is a good practice to begin working with your child to practice wearing a face covering if at all possible. Social stories that address (1) wearing a face covering, (2) social distancing, and (3) hand washing can be found here. Wearing a face covering when in school or on WCPSS transportation is required. This week, the district will make available a process for parents to formally request an accommodation for face coverings.

    Online Instruction Service and Support Plan (OISSP)

    If you have participated in a meeting with school staff to develop a temporary addendum to address IEP goals in virtual services, you will not need to have another meeting to return to in-person learning. The Online Instruction Service and Support Plan will transition back to the original IEP when students are in-person learning. If a student is on a rotation that is not in-person, or the student is participating in a remote learning day/asynchronous learning day, the IEP will be delivered as described in the OISSP.

    Classrooms, scheduling and teachers

    School Principals and SES Central Office staff are working to review Regional Program students assignments to both virtual and in-person learning. Planning for students in both settings, as well as adjusting for teachers who may be working remotely due to their own COVID-related accommodations, may result in some schedule changes and possibly some teacher changes. We are all working to return Plan B students to in-person learning and to maintain the schedules of Virtual Academy students. School staff will communicate directly with parents regarding any changes to a student’s instructional schedule or staffing changes. 

    Video message

    Karen Hamilton, assistant superintendent for Special Education Services, shares key information and perspective about our return to campus.