• Are the meals free? 

    Breakfast and lunch will be free for all students. Students will not need to provide their student ID in order to get a meal. Meals are limited to one breakfast and one lunch per student per day.

    What will be served for breakfast and lunch? 

    All meals follow a meal pattern outlined by the USDA to provide complete and nutritious meals for students. These meals are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of students. Each breakfast includes whole grains, a fruit, and milk. Each lunch includes a whole grain item, meat or meat alternative, fruit and/or vegetables, and a milk. Menus are available at wcpss.net/menus.This menu may change due to item availability.

    If your child has special diet needs, please contact Konnie Tran at ktran@wcpss.net.  

    How will meals be provided while my child is learning remotely? 

    Meals will continue to be served at curbside feeding locations for students who are learning remotely, including all students in Virtual Academy. You may pick up a meal for your child at the site that is most convenient for you by completing this form. Meals are limited to one breakfast and one lunch per student each day. Please visit wcpss.net/food for updates on locations and serving times. 

    How will meals be served to students in the schools? 

    To keep your child safe, all menu items will be individually packaged and handed directly to the child. Students will not have the ability to serve themselves as they have in the past. Condiments and utensils will be included with the meal, and students will not be picking these items out of a shared bin.

    Child Nutrition Services operates under health and safety guidelines outlined by DHHS, USDA, NCDPI, and OSHA. Now more than ever, it is our utmost priority to provide nutritious meals to our students under the highest safety standards.

    Will meals be served in the cafeteria or in an alternative location at my child's school? 

    Each school has unique needs, therefore principals will work with the cafeteria manager to develop a serving plan that works best for their school. Principals and CNS staff will consider school layout, staffing, flow of traffic, bell schedule, and ease of access to service areas, as well as other factors, in determining the best option for their student population. 

    The types of meal services offered may change over the course of the school year, depending on feedback from school administrators, CNS staff, and students, as well as changes to regulatory guidance.

    More information about meal service upon reopening, including videos of meal service types, is available in our CNS Reopening Plan & Guide for Parents

    Consider applying for meal benefits to secure funding for your school.

    While the meals this school year are free for all children, please apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits by Feb. 26 to ensure your school will receive the appropriate federal funding and your family will receive any upcoming state benefits. Information about applying for Meal Benefits can be found at www.wcpss.net/meals. You can apply online at MySchoolApps.com or request a paper application by calling 919-588-3535 or 919-856-2920.


  • Frequently Asked Questions


    What time is pickup?

    Meal pickup times depend on the location. Visit wcpss.net/food to confirm your location's pickup time.

    How long will students get free meals?

    The USDA has extended flexibilities to provide free meals through June 30, 2021.

    Can children bring their own meals from home?

    Children may still bring their own meals from home. However, we strongly suggest that parents take advantage of meals being provided at no cost during the 2020-2021 school year. View more information regarding special diet accommodations.

    Will staff be able to get food in the cafeteria as well?‚Äč

    Yes. However, until further notice, staff will need to set up a MySchoolBucks account to eliminate any cash transactions. 

    As a staff member, how do I go about setting up a MySchoolBucks account? Do I need to get my CNS manager to assist?

    Staff will need to reach out to their cafeteria manager, who will create a customer ID for them. It may take 1-2 days for this ID to become active. Then they will go to MySchoolBucks.com to create an account, add themselves as a student using the customer ID.

    They can also simply bring a check or cask to their cafeteria manager, who can create a prepayment account for them. However, MySchoolBucks.com is the only way for staff to make prepayments using a credit or debit card.

    Do parents need to do anything to register students to receive free meals or will this happen automatically? Parents don't need to do anything. All students will receive free breakfast and lunch.

    Will the money left on lunch accounts be returned to families? Visit our donations, refunds and monetary transfers page to find more information.