Notice to media regarding WCPSS opportunities

  • November 16, 2020

    General Guidelines

    • Undergo a health screening | Media who are invited on a school campus or district office are required to undergo a health screening. The health screening process contains two parts: a symptom-screening checklist and an on-site temperature check using a touchless thermometer.
    • Wear a face covering | All visitors are required to follow the WCPSS Face Covering Guidelines. Face coverings are always required, whether indoors or outdoors. Face coverings must cover your mouth and nose. No exceptions will be made.‚Äč
    • Maintain social distancing of six feet or more from others.
    • No shared equipment | Equipment (lav mics, earpiece, etc.) cannot touch a WCPSS employee or student. No lav mics may be used to interview WCPSS employees or students. Only shotgun mics, boom mics or built-in mics may be used.
    • Arrive on time. Leave on time. | To facilitate the screening processes, media are not permitted to enter a facility more than 10 minutes prior to a scheduled event. To maintain the DHHS’ restrictions on visitors in schools, media should leave as soon as feasible after the conclusion of the event, unless permission is granted.
    • Provide contact information | To facilitate contact tracing, all media representatives will be required to share contact information. If entering a school building, all media representatives will also be required to register at the front desk.

    Outside of scheduled media opportunities, news media must request permission to be on a school campus. School staff are not permitted to approve media requests. Due to DHHS restrictions on visitors in schools, media opportunities inside school buildings will be limited.

    Guidelines for Board Meetings

    Due to an Executive Order issued November 10 that limits indoor gatherings to 10 people, the school board is unable to accommodate additional in-person attendance until further notice during board meetings. Media are not permitted to attend in-person. To ensure meetings remain open, all public meetings will be streamed live on the school system's YouTube channel.

    Guidelines for Athletic Events

    • Media can attend a scheduled athletic game with permission from the host school's athletic director. 
    • Media must arrive during a time designated by the athletic director to be screened for entry. Screeners may not be available outside of the designated window of time.
    • Media must remain in the area designated for media by the host school's athletic director.
    • Post-game interviews should be conducted virtually. Interviews of players, staff or families cannot be conducted on a school campus or at a competition site. 
    • Media may not approach the scorer’s table or enter the press box to retrieve rosters or statistics. Instead, they should email the coach or athletic director. 
    • In additional to these guidelines, media must follow the general guidelines posted above. 

    Media cannot attend a practice, workout, or skill development session without permission from WCPSS Communications Department.