• We are committed to keeping our school buildings clean and safe. Buildings will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day and every evening. The CDC defines cleaning as removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces or objects. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Hospital-grade disinfectants are used in all school facilities. Students are not permitted to assist with cleaning and disinfecting.


    Disinfecting supplies will be provided to each classroom to support the cleaning of desks and other high touch surfaces between classes, after lunch, and the cleaning of shared program materials/equipment as desired. After school each day, desks and other touch points will be disinfected.


    Custodial Services will clean and disinfect all restrooms using approved procedures a minimum of four times daily, and after school hours.


    If students eat in the cafeteria, Child Nutrition Services will clean and disinfect seats and tables before and after each meal. If students eat in the classroom, students and employees are expected to clean up after themselves by placing all trash and recyclables in the bins placed in the hallways. Bins will be located near multiple classrooms.


    Stationary playground equipment will be cleaned nightly.

    Response to Presumptive, Suspected or Positive COVID-19 Illness

    Affected areas will be closed and thoroughly disinfected. Custodial employees will notify the School Administrator, COVID-19 Coordinator, or Care Center Attendant when the area is ready to be re-opened.

    Do you have questions about cleaning and disinfecting?

    Let us know here. We’ll gather your questions over the next few days and use them to develop an FAQ. We’ll update this blog post with those FAQs and share them via social media.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Has additional custodial staff been hired to make the additional cleanings feasible? If not, how will current custodial staff be able to manage the additional workload?

    We have not received additional funding to hire additional custodians. Custodial Services are required to clean and disinfect school buildings every day in accordance with established protocols, and we are committed to ensuring that takes place.

    Will schools maintain documentation of when areas were cleaned, and can this be made available to the public upon request?

    Custodians are required to submit documentation of their completed work to their supervisor daily. You may submit a public records request for this documentation.

    Will a list of the products used (and active/inactive ingredients in them) be provided to families?

    These are the primary products used in our schools at this time. These products are subject to change based on availability. Manufacturer guidelines for safe use of these products are required to be followed at all times.

    • Virex Plus - Custodians use this EPA-certified product to disinfect restrooms, classrooms, and other high-occupancy areas.
    • Oxivir-TB and GE Fight Bac RTU - All staff may use these products to disinfect touchpoints.
    • PERdiem - Custodians use this product to clean floors and surfaces that are not touch points or work surfaces.
    • Isopropyl alcohol cleaning wipes - These consist of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and 30% Deionized Water. All staff may use them to clean technology devices.

    How will the cleaning/disinfecting of buses be managed?

    Bus drivers will disinfect touchpoints between routes and at the end of the day.

    If my child observes non-compliance with cleaning procedures while they are in a school building, whom should I contact to report it?

    Share any concerns you may have with your school’s principal.

    Who will be responsible for cleaning between classes in middle and high schools? How will this impact instructional time?  

    Teachers and custodial staff will share the responsibility of maintaining a clean classroom. Teachers will be provided cleaning supplies to clean classrooms throughout the day as needed. Custodians will clean the classrooms after school. This, as with every other aspect of the pandemic response, will impact instructional time.  

    What about the HVAC systems?

    All systems are designed in accordance with the NC mechanical code and ASHRAE recommendations. All have 4-6 air changes per hour. Systems are controlled automatically. Filters are monitored and changed when dirty. We are using MERV-13 filters as per CDC recommendations.

    How will student desks be cleaned and disinfected if snacks and lunches are eaten in a classroom? 

    If it is determined that students must eat meals in the classroom:

    • Students and staff are expected to clean up after themselves by placing all trash and recyclables in the bins placed in the hallways. Bins will be located near multiple classrooms.  
    • Custodial Services will collect the bins after the lunch period ends and will empty them into the dumpster.  
    • Custodial Services will spot sweep and mop during lunch as needed to clean up spills.
    • Classrooms and hallways will be swept and cleaned in the evening as part of the cleaning and disinfection process.

    With children eating in classrooms, how will the school manage food allergies? 

    Parents of a student with a life-threatening allergy should provide the school with documentation from a licensed healthcare provider. This information should include the specific allergy and medical requirements needed for the student. Staff will work in partnership with the parents to develop a medical plan.