Sept. 24, 2020 - Information Regarding Recorded Class Sessions

  • At the Sept. 15, 2020 Board Meeting, a revision to Board Policy 4700: Student Records was approved. This policy, aligned to the Family Educational Records Privacy Act (FERPA), outlines how our student records should be managed.

    FERPA provides that student records and personally identifiable information, or “directory information,” contained in those records generally may be released to others only if the parents or eligible students provide written consent. 

    The Policy 4700 revision provides an addition to the list of directory information to support the current online environment. This revision allows students enrolled in any online class to access video recordings of online class sessions (if recorded), upon request. Teachers are not required to record Google Meet sessions but now have the option. The primary purpose is to provide “catch up” opportunities for students who are unable to access online classes in real time due to factors beyond their control. A secondary purpose is to provide opportunities for students to review online class sessions to reinforce materials covered. 

    As a parent, you can choose to opt out of the release of this information (audio/video recordings). As outlined in the Parent Student Handbook (English|Spanish): Any parent, guardian or eligible student who does not want directory information released must notify the school in writing each year within 20 days of the receipt of this notice. 

    Because this revision to policy occurred after the 20th day, you will have until Oct. 15, 2020 to submit in writing to your school your choice to opt out of your student’s information (name, image, audio video) being shared through audio/video recordings.

    For students who cannot be recorded, the teacher will add a live stream to the Google Meet. This will put the student(s) who opted out in view-only mode in the Google Meet. Teachers will communicate a method to participate in the discussion or chat. The live stream can only be viewed if logged into a WakeID account.