Sept. 15, 2020 - Optional Workouts for High School Students

  • A committee of principals, athletic directors, area superintendents and others has developed a schedule for when schools may resume optional workouts this school year. View the schedule. 

    This schedule was reviewed and is supported by a consensus of WCPSS high school athletic directors. It is intended to return our student athletes to participation in a measured and thoughtful way, to prepare for the start of each season on the official start dates as determined by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association

    All skill development sessions must be voluntary. Coaches will not be required to hold workouts, and student-athletes are not required to participate in any workouts that are held.

    This information was presented to the school board today during their work session.

    Workout Guidelines

    • Maximum of 90 minutes per day per student athlete
    • Students may not attend more than one workout per day
    • Maximum of 50 individuals per group outdoors (includes coaches)
    • Maximum of 25 individuals per group indoors (includes coaches)
    • Weight rooms and locker rooms remain closed

    Safety Requirements

    • Coaches and athletes screened daily
    • Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, or reporting signs or symptoms, must not participate
    • Screening questions will be answered by all prior to participation

    In Case of Exposure

    • If a person on a team tests positive for COVID 19, all members of the pod who have been exposed will:
      • Quarantine for 14 days 
      • Watch for symptoms
    • Individuals who have had positive screenings must provide a note from a health care provider before being allowed to return