Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year 2020-21

  • Principal of the Year 2020-21

    Perhaps never has there been a better time to celebrate great leadership in our schools. Principals and Assistant Principals have had their leadership skills tested in ways not seen before.

    So, let's hear it for the five finalists for Principal of the Year and the five finalists for Assistant Principal of the Year for the 2020-21 school year!

    The principal finalists are (bottom row, from left):

    • Bob Grant, Washington Magnet Elementary
    • Keith Richardson, Knightdale High
    • Elena Ashburn, Broughton Magnet High
    • Mariah Walker, Hilburn Academy
    • Winston Pierce, Farmington Woods Magnet Elementary

    Principals are not only the academic leaders of the school, they traditionally are ultimately responsible for all operations of the building. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, however, their roles have dramatically changed. They have been preparing their teachers, staff, students and parents in learning how to do school in a whole new way.

    The assistant principal finalists are (top row, from left):

    • Chasity Hawkins, Carpenter Elementary
    • Monica Sawyer, Enloe Magnet High
    • Rodney Smith, Green Hope High
    • Sarah Bratton, Forest Pines Drive Elementary 
    • Leslie Blake, Millbrook Magnet Elementary

    Assistant principals serve many roles, depending on the school's grade level. They often are curriculum leaders, and usually oversee such areas as transportation, safety and discipline. They also support their principals in many additional capacities. And as with principals, their roles were swiftly transformed last spring with the pandemic.

    The selection process for both the Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year awards is the same. Semi-finalists are selected by their peers. Semi-finalists are then invited to submit a short biography. Principals and Assistant Principals across the district then vote to select five finalists in each category. 

    Finalists will submit an e-portfolio and participate in an e-portfolio review and virtual interview. The finalists with the highest scores on these measures will be selected as the Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year.

    Congratulations to this amazing group of leaders! The Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year for 2020-21 will be named at a special celebration on Oct. 1.