Aug. 16, 2020 - Important Information Regarding Device Distribution

  • Device distribution begins on Monday Aug. 17, but most devices will not be ready to be picked up on that date. 

    Please read carefully:

    • Those who indicated they needed devices in the recent device request survey will receive a notification via email when their devices are ready to be picked up.
    • Please wait until your assigned pick-up date before going to a distribution site to pick up your devices. 
    • If you go to a distribution site prior to your assigned date, there will not be any devices available for you.
    • You will be notified three days before your pick-up date. You can pick up any time on or after your pick-up date.
    • On or after your pick-up date, you will be able to pick up all of your requested devices for all of your students at the same time from any of the distribution sites.
    • The notification email will include information about distribution site locations, hours and pick-up procedures.
    • If you need devices but did not submit a survey response, please contact your school.

    We thank everyone for their patience. It takes time to process the more than 50,000 requests for devices we received. We also need to limit the number of people who may be on a campus at one time so we can observe social distancing protocols for the protection of students, parents, staff and volunteers. 

    Please remember that the first two weeks of school are largely intended as an orientation period, in part to ensure that students have what they need to learn online. Schools will begin academic instruction as soon as it is feasible to do so. However, schools will be flexible with assignments and grading for students who do not yet have technology access.

    We are working as fast as we can to fulfill the tens of thousands of device requests we received.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding.