In-Person Instruction Will Not Resume Sept. 8 for Regional Program or Pre-K Students

  • The target date of Sept. 8 for Special Education Regional Program and Pre-K students to return to school buildings was predicated on our ability to ensure sufficient staff, sufficient transportation service and sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) by that date. 

    After assessing these three factors and soliciting feedback from staff members, we have determined we need more time to make sure all three of those dependencies can be met.

    Therefore, we no longer are targeting Sept. 8 as the date for regional programs or Pre-K students to return to school buildings. Those students will remain in the Plan B Transition phase along with all other students, receiving online instruction.

    As we develop a phase-in plan for staff and the return for students, regional program and Pre-K students and staff will be considered within the total plan.

    Regional Program Students
    Your child’s teacher will contact you in the near future to discuss how to implement instruction and IEP goals in an online environment.

    Pre-K Students
    While school buildings are closed, Pre-K students will receive services online and may also be provided with other resources to support learning at home. Because in-person instruction is highly recommended for Pre-K children, the Virtual Academy is not being offered to Pre-K students. We will resume in-person instruction once conditions allow us to do so safely. When school buildings re-open, remote learning may continue to be offered under limited circumstances, such as during necessary quarantine periods or for high-risk students.

    While delaying the return to school buildings was a difficult decision, protecting the health and safety of our students and staff remains our first priority.