Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Plan B FAQs

  • Can requests be made for group assignments (1, 2 or 3)? >

  • How can we ensure that siblings are assigned to the same group? >

Virtual Academy FAQs

  • Why is there an earlier spring registration window for middle and high school students?

  • Can students with an IEP sign up for Virtual Academy?

  • Should a student register for the WCPSS Virtual Academy if they are in a fully online instruction plan?

  • If a student signs up for WCPSS Virtual Academy for fall semester only, what are the options for spring?

  • Can a student return to attending classes at the school if they change their mind?

  • On which calendar(s) will the WCPSS Virtual Academy operate? >

  • What will the typical WCPSS Virtual Academy school day be like? >

  • What will the course offerings look like? >

  • Will AP and Honors courses be offered in the WCPSS Virtual Academy? >

  • How much time will a student be expected to spend in front of a computer? Will the schedule/routine be the same everyday? >

  • What are the expectations of a parent or guardian regarding ensuring their child is participating appropriately and effectively in virtual learning? >

  • How is actual teaching going to be handled when a student is doing online instruction? >

  • How is technology going to be handled? Will students get laptops/wifi if they don’t have access? >

  • Will special services be provided virtually, too? >

  • Will all courses offered in schools be offered in the Virtual Academy? >

  • If a student chooses WCPSS Virtual Academy, are they committed to continuing online learning in 2021-2022? >

  • If a student starts in Plan B, can they switch to Virtual Academy at any time? >

  • Will a student lose their magnet seat for the future if they enroll in the WCPSS Virtual Academy for 2020-2021? >

  • Is WCPSS Virtual Academy an option for Pre-K learners? >

  • Can students who participate in WCPSS Virtual Academy also participate in athletics and student activities at their assigned school? >

  • If a student doesn’t choose WCPSS Virtual Academy now, what is the default choice? And, can they change their mind later to participate? >