Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jill Molloy

 Ms. Molloy was born and raised on Long Island and attended college at the University of Richmond in Virginia. After living in Colorado, California, and NYC, she moved to North Carolina in 2002 and put down roots. She is certified in NC as a middle school language arts and social studies teacher, an AIG coordinator and a media specialist. Several years ago, she was the media specialist at Wiley and this fall she returns as the AIG Coordinator. She's excited to be back with her Wiley family! 

 Ms. Molloy lives with her husband, two children and a dog named Willow who has been nicknamed "Mushy." She has traveled quite a bit, but there are many places still on her list. She would like to sleep in a treehouse in Washington state, swim with the bioluminescence in Puerto Rico and to visit the geothermal mud baths in New Zealand. 

 The UN Sustainable Development Goal that resonates with her the most is Goal 1: no poverty. While this lofty goal may seem out of reach, she believes it is vital to keep striving to eradicate poverty and its effects from our world. High-quality education, when it is free and available to all, is such an important part of eliminating poverty. That makes Ms. Molloy proud to be a public school teacher.