Ways to Learn at Home without Technology!

  • Reading: Read to your child, read with your child, listen to your child read, provide a cozy spot for your child to read… Whatever you do, please encourage your child to read, and read, and read!

    Writing: Have your child write stories, songs, poems, letters, scripts, books, or whatever makes them happy! Encourage your child to draw or make models that can illustrate their story too! Writing and drawing are great ways to encourage creativity! 

    Math: Work with your child on telling time and reading an analog clock/watch. Discuss elapsed time while cooking. Discuss fractions while cooking. Practice doubles and skip counting. Practice basic multiplication facts. Play board games involving math (ex. Yahtzee, Monopoly, etc...).

    Science: Watch the moon and it’s different phases at night. Find different types of rocks outside your home. Observe plants and all of their different parts. Discuss the different types of clouds in the sky.

    Physical Education: Uno Fitness

    Simple and Fun Non-Screen Activites that Children can do at Home 

    Ways to Practice Sight Words at Home