• 8/2/202

    Posted by Rosalyn Nichole McCullers on 8/2/2020 6:00:00 PM

     Holly Grove Elementary Parents/Guardians,


    I hope you all had a nice weekend. There is no new information to be shared but I did want to share some of the questions that our Holly Grove parent/guardians have asked, see below.


    If I sign up for the fall only but want to continue with the VA, can I?

    Students enrolled for the Fall only will have the option to apply to continue in the WCPSS Virtual Academy in the Spring.  The application window will be in late October or early November. Students enrolled for the Fall will be granted priority to continue in the Spring. Seats for new applicants are not guaranteed in the Spring.

    When will I know who my child’s teacher will be?

    This cannot be decided until we receive the assignment by the district into the 3 cohorts of students. Once we have that information at the school level we can proceed with assignments. 

    How will this year affect my track assignment?  

    All students at this time have been moved to the single track 4 modified schedule. Because we have students across all tracks making different decisions, track assignments will mean little in terms of classroom placement this year (for either the VA or returning under plans A/B/C). However, we have not moved anyone from their currently assigned track, so when we return to a multi-track schedule, we plan on moving families back to their currently assigned track.

    Will we be on Track 4 schedule the remainder of the school year?

    We do not know that for sure at this time. That decision will be made later as officials determine the safety of bringing all students back to school on plan A, and the room available in the school.

    How many students at Holly Grove ES are signed up for the Virtual Academy?

    I am providing some information below as of July 31st.

    Holly Grove Elementary

    Grade Level

    Virtual Academy

     (as of 7/31)

    Plan B Transitional

     (as of 7/31)




    1st Grade



    2nd Grade



    3rd Grade



    4th Grade



    5th Grade




    School Messenger & Principal's Message

    The mass communication platform of choice for WCPSS is School Messenger. Please visit the linked website for more information about School Messenger, how to opt in to text messaging, and updating your preferences. https://www.wcpss.net/Page/29367

    In addition, these weekly messages are posted to the Holly Grove Elementary website under “Principal’s Message”. The weekly post will be available at 6 PM on Sunday’s for your review. It’s simple public access to school information, no login required. https://www.wcpss.net/domain/12526

    I hope you find this information helpful. Please stay safe, stay cool, and stay tuned for more information to come!

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  • Reopening Update 7.12.20

    Posted by Rosalyn Nichole McCullers on 7/12/2020 6:00:00 PM

    Hello Hedgehog families!

    I hope that this letter finds you healthy and well, and enjoying your summer. I know that you are aware that there will be a myriad of changes as we embark on the 2020-2021 school year. I know that the WCPSS has been sending emails to families, as well as releasing information through the major media outlets. I wanted to direct your attention to some important information shared recently, including some with deadlines for responses.

    WCPSS Virtual Academy

    Due to the concern expressed by many families about returning to school, the WCPSS will offer a 100% online school option for students this fall. This school will provide fully online instruction comparable in content and rigor to the in-person instruction offered at school.

    If you want to explore this option, I encourage you to visit the website for details and registration information. Registration opened last Friday, and will remain open through Monday, July 20, 2020. You can access the website here - WCPSS Virtual Academy

    Plans B

    For those students who do not enroll in the WCPSS Virtual Academy, at this time the district is planning for us to use Plan B to start the school year. (You will be notified if this changes.) The remote learning Plan B approved by the district includes grouping our students in 3 groups, and at any time one group will be in school and two groups engaged in remote learning. This will minimize the number of students in the building. We will all be on the Track 4 schedule under this plan. (This, like everything else, is subject to change.)

    These student groupings have not yet been assigned. First, the district needs to know how many students opt-in to the virtual academy, and then the remaining students will be assigned to groups based on transportation capacity and keeping siblings together. Once we get that information at the school level, we can conclude the assignment process and notify families.

    Bus Transportation

    The deadline to decline transportation service has been extended to Monday, July 13, 2020 at 5 PM. If you were a bus rider last year and you are considering registering for the Virtual Academy but have not yet decided, you do not have to decline your seat at this time. If you were a bus rider and do register for the Virtual Academy, you will be automatically removed from the transportation system for the first semester of school. You will be automatically assigned to the bus again if and when schools reopen on a normal schedule with all students in the building. For more information about transportation items, you can visit this webpage.

    Preparation for Return to School

    While we are waiting for additional information from the district, we are already starting the preparation for the return of students. Our custodians are deep cleaning the building, and we are working on creating the necessary structures and protocols to keep our students safe. We are working on how we will screen students, staff, and visitors, direct traffic throughout the school to minimize opportunities for contact, and many more safety procedures. After we know how many students will be participating in the virtual academy or returning to the building, we will start working on classroom assignments. As we get nearer to the start of school, we will continue to update you with more details on the plans to return to school.

     School Messenger Updates

    You can opt-in to receive School Messenger updates via text message by texting YES to the shortcode 67587 or replying with a YES to the opt-in text message we will send to your phone. 

    More information on School Messenger, including how to manage the manner and devices you get messages delivered to you, can be found here.

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