• The Dual Capacity Framework was developed from the work of Karen L. Mapp, & P. J. Kuttner in 2013.  Their research led to several publications including Partners in Education: A dual capacity framework for family-school partnerships.  Additionally, Karen Mapp has gone on to write several other texts including Beyond the Bake Sale and Powerful Partnerships, both are being utilized and studied at East Garner by the staff.  

    In July of 2018, Principal Graf and AP Anderson were priviliged to meet with Dr. Mapp and hear about her lifelong work and research in how to build strong, lasting relationships with families.  Since 2015, Principal Graf, the Administrative Team and the teaching staff have been working diligently to build trusting relationships with families.  Each year our student outcome data and parent perception data increases indicating that we are on the right path to school wide success.  The staff at East Garner recognizes that true school improvement cannot happen at optimal levels without parents by our side as valuable partners.  

    We welcome parent input and purposefully seek to create opportunities to build the capacity for strong partnerships.  As we move into the 2018-2019 school year, we will continue to use the Dual Capacity Framework as our beacon to light the path to strong parent and family partnerships and ultimately school success!

    Click here to view the Dual Capacity Framework.  Questions?  Please contact Principal Graf at 919-773-7411 or cgraf1@wcpss.net if you would like to partner and support our school improvement efforts. 


    Karen Mapp & Principal Graf