Top 5 things to know for our New Kindergarten Families

  • 1. Staggered Entry dates: August 26th - August 29th

    Each kindergartner is assigned a staggered entry date based on their last name for the week of August 26th. During this week your Kindergartener will attend school ONE full day to interact with peers, receive testing, and be introduced to kindergarten life and elementary school. Although this is the first full week of school for students 1st - 5th grade you are expected to provide childcare for the additional four days of the week. It is not necessary for your child to bring any materials other than their backpack on this date as they will not yet be assigned to their actual homeroom teacher and will move from room to room as they work with all the kindergarten teachers and students present on this day. If you are not sure of your child’s staggered entry date please contact the Data Manager, Louise Perk. If your child misses their staggered entry date please contact the school for an alternative date and/or solution.

    2. Kindergarten Meet the Teacher: Friday, August 30th, 2019

    On Friday, August 30th we will host our Kindergarten Meet the teacher from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. This will be your opportunity to actually meet your child’s teacher after Staggered Entry is complete and class list have been created. There will be no school on this day for students; however, your child is welcomed to join you during this time and meet their new teacher . If you would like to bring school supplies at this time, it is appropriate as you will learn your child’s homeroom teacher.

    3.Tuesday, September 3rd starts the first full week of school!

    Tuesday, September 3rd will begin your child’s first full week of kindergarten. You are more than welcome to walk your child to class; however this is not an appropriate time to conference with the teacher as schedules and routines will begin promptly following the instructional bell. The arrival bell rings at 8am to allow students to enter the building and again at 8:25 am as a 5 minute warning that the instructional bell will soon ring. At 8:30 am the instructional bell will ring and all students who are entering the building will be marked tardy. Teachers are expected to begin instruction following the 8:30 bell. Please be mindful of this bell if you find yourself in the hallway or in your child’s room at this time.

    4. Letting Go ☺

    Kindergarten Parents are allowed to walk their children to class during the first week of school. Each week a stop point will be determined to support your child’s confidence and independence. Please make sure that you respect the location of each stop point. By the fourth week of school parents are expected to walk children no further than the school entrance unless discussed with a teacher or administration. Anytime a parent is walking through the building during school hours from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm a visitor’s badge is required. 

    5. Meet the Teacher August 22nd, 2019 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

    Although this event is primarily for our 1st grade through 5th grade families this is a great opportunity to find out about bus transportation, receive a carpool tag and ask any questions you may have concerning our before and after school program. Kindergarten will not be assigned their teachers at this time as this is done after staggered entry dates; however, any generic questions you may have about kindergarten and Lynn Road can be answered at this time by a Kindergarten teacher. During this time, parents and kindergartners are allowed to get acquainted with the school and our specialist (Art, Music, PE, and Media).