• Safety First!

    Training on student boarding procedures, along with bus safety training, is required for ALL students and will be provided the first week of school. This is a State of North Carolina requirement.

    All routed school buses will be equipped with interior school cameras. Contact your Operations Manager if you would like to review a video. Please help our drivers with student discipline.

    All Bus Riders!

    Tagging will be required for all students (PreK-5) for the entire school year. Please make sure that your child’s identifier is attached to an item that he will transport to and from school daily. Communicate to your child the importance of wearing the identifier year round. Identifiers can be easily attached to book bags or lunch boxes. Tags will be distributed on the evening of Meet the Teacher or open house and are mandatory for drop off of all students. If you child misplaces his/her tag please notify your child’s teacher. Identifiers are a measure to maintain safe drop off and pick up for child. All elementary age bus riders and special transportation riders will need to have a tag for the entire school year.

    My child is a Pre-K, Kindergarten or First Grade student!

    In addition to tagging, please, see the following:

    • All Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade Students will be assigned to sit on the right side of the bus, beginning with the first seat. (APs and bus drivers, if possible, seat them by stop location.)
    • Driver will announce the bus stop location as it is approached.
    • Driver will read the identifier and confirm that the student disembarking is assigned to that bus stop.
    • Driver will implement “lost child” procedures if any student remains on the bus after the route is complete and there is not an adult present to receive the child at his/her stop

    These procedures are to ensure the utmost safety in transporting our youngest students, including our students in special programs. Bus drivers will not discharge a Pre-K, Kindergarten or First Grade student at a stop unless a responsible person is present at the stop to receive them.

    I do not have a bus stop, yet!

    Temporary bus passes are intended for transportation eligible students only that are dependent on a yellow school bus to attend school while a transportation service request is being processed. Bus drivers are asked to make contact prior to the first day of school to inform families of their bus stop location. On the evening of Meet the Teacher, all teachers will receive routes and bus tags for the students in their class. If your child is not listed on the bus route roster or you do not have a stop please see Mr. Avery the evening of Meet the Teacher and if possible he will issue you a temporary bus pass. Temporary bus passes are provided to eligible students who are requesting a access to a bus stop that already exist! The temporary bus pass is good for ten days by which time a bus tag will be provided when the transportation is approved. See All bus riders for information on bus tags.  

    How will I know my child’s bus stop?

    Lynn Road Bus Routes:

    Once routes are posted, families will able to view detailed stop and route information in Home Base/ PowerSchool. Please see the following:

    • Families will receive an automated call via SchoolMessenger. Bus routes will be posted on the following day.
    • On two consecutive Fridays, families will receive an email via SchoolMessenger providing bus route information, including scheduled arrival times specific to their student.

    Alternate stops!

    For Traditional calendar schools, Transportation will begin receiving request for Alternate Stops for Before or After-School Care, Dual Stops for Joint Custody and Transportation Ineligible later in September. See the assistant principal to request.

    Here Comes the Bus App

    Here Comes the Bus App allows parents to track their students’ bus arrival and drop-off. At the beginning of the school year parents will be able to add Traditional calendar students back to the app. More information concerning the app will be shared via the website,, and a SchoolMessenger broadcast. Bus rider families that did not use the app for the previous school year will be encouraged to try it. The bus departure also be tweeted daily @Lreslions

    For more information concerning Bus Guidelines, Bus Rider Registration, Alternate Stop Requests, Bus Routes and a place to voice Questions and Concerns visit the WCPSS Transportation site @

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