Bring Your Own Device




    At Durant Road Elementary School, our BYOD program aligns with the WCPSS strategic plan. Through the purposeful use of devices students will collaborate as critical thinkers to support a culture of creativity and risk-taking as they build college and career readiness.




     How it Works


    • BYOD allows students to turn their personal devices into learning devices while freeing up access to school computers for those students who might not have their own.
    • Any device that is portable and can provide Internet access can be used. That would include mostly smartphones, tablets and laptops.
    • Teachers plan and implement rigorous and engaging BYOD activities that support the curriculum
    • Staff will not touch student devices.
    • Students use kid-safe search engines, educational apps, and internet sites via links on our DRES Student Links page and teachers' web pages
    • Teachers monitor students' usage of devices closely 




     Students are not required to bring devices.  If you choose to send a device with your child, here are some options.

    iPads ~ iPod touch ~ smartphones ~ laptops ~ chromebooks ~ netbooks ~ android tablets