• Below is how our Marbles Kids Museum Partnership has looked in the past. Stay tuned for what 2020-2021 will look like!

    Powell Ingenuity Play Coaches

    Marbles Kids Museum has collaborated with Playworks to create the “Powell Ingenuity Play Coaches” program. “Marbles is a nickname for brains. At Marbles Kids Museum, kids are encouraged to use their marbles - learning new things through imagination, discovery and play.” In our “Powell Ingenuity Play Coaches” program students learn how to facilitate powerful play experiences with younger students to foster creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, content learning and exploration. 4th - 5th grade students apply to attend training and serve as play facilitators for younger students, enhancing learning through play in K-1 classrooms.

    Whole School Field Trip

    Another elemental piece of our Marbles Kids Museum partnership we are cultivating at Powell includes the opportunity for students to continue their learning opportunities outside the walls of Powell. Students go on a whole school field trip to Marbles Kids Museum; teachers and students learn together within this environment. Museum exhibits, programs and giant screen documentaries are content-rich, align with NC Standard Course of Study and ignite curiosity and a desire to learn more. At Marbles Kids Museum, it’s not about what students learn, but HOW they learn - through the Power of PLAY! Field trips to Marbles inspire imagination, discovery and learning and encourage the development of skills like problem solving, communication, innovation and collaboration.

    Family Playdates

    The whole Powell community is invited to attend a family “Playdate” at Marbles Kids Museum. The Museum closes early to the general public and stays open late for our Powell family to explore, imagine, discover, play and learn together.