• If your child is not yet a reader, spend time reading aloud to them daily.  If your child is a reader, they can read to you daily or you can take turns.

    As you read together share what happens in your mind as you read. Clearly state what you are thinking as you read.  This will show your child that good readers think as they read.  This is an important skill in reading and helps improve comprehension.  Model this for a while then start to ask your child to share their thinking.  Stop a few times during the book to do this. Eventually this will become a habit and your child will internalize this important comprehension skill.

    "When I read_________, I was so surprised!  I thought____"
    "I just learned______________."
    "Oh, that didn't make sense. Let me try again."

  • Reading TO Your Child

  • Reading WITH Your Child

  • Reading Independently