• Transportation Information


    Carpool Information

    Carpool Policies

    Please observe the following guidelines to ensure that carpool proceeds each day in a safe and efficient manner:


    The designated drop off area is located between the flag pole and the bike rack.

    Please observe hand signals from staff who may be indicating that you need to wait to unload, stop your vehicle, or pull forward.

    All students must exit from the curb side of the vehicle. If a car seat is located on the curb side, we ask that students do the “big brother/big sister crawl over.”  It surprising how quickly they learn this move!

    Please do not exit your vehicle to open a car door to allow your student to exit from the driver’s side of the vehicle.

    This is a safety issue as it places you and the student in the free flowing lane of traffic that moves around the carpool line.

    Exiting your vehicle also slows down the carpool line.

    Students who enter the building after the 8:30 bell will need to go to the office for a tardy slip. An adult must accompany the child to the office to sign him or her in.                                          


    Display your car number tag until you have picked up your riders.

    All students should enter from the curb side of the vehicle, we will not allow students to enter in through the driver’s side.

    Please do no park your vehicle in the carpool lane and leave your vehicle unattended to come get your child.

    Please do not park in the Handicap parking spaces. These spaces are reserved for individuals with special needs.



    Walker Information                                                  

    Guidelines for Walkers/Bike Riders

    All walkers will utilize the sidewalks when exiting campus.

    Students who arrive by bicycle must walk their bikes when on campus grounds. No riding is permitted on the sidewalks

    Families who wish to walk home with their students can meet them in the designated area at the front of the building.

    Families who arrive by car to pick up a “walker” should not pull ahead of the carpool line to meet the child. Please park your car in the parking lot and walk up the the front of the building to meet your child.

    Please do not pull ahead of the car pool line in front of the modular units and instruct your child to walk to the car to meet you (see above).



    Bus Information

    School bus service is available to all students who reside within the Middle Creek transportation pattern. Questions about bus stops, schedules and routes should be directed to the WCPSS website. Parents may also call Transportation at (919) 805 - 3030. The school office does not handle the above items.
    Due to liability issues, students may only ride their assigned buses; for this reason students may not invite friends to ride home with them. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, students must follow the guidelines listed below. In order to provide safe transportation, it is critical for students to display orderly behavior on the bus at all times.


    Bus Twitter

    Follow our bus dismissal on Twitter @MiddleCreekES.


    Change of Transportation

    Parents who pick up children from school (car riders) should send a written statement to the teacher at the beginning of the school year
    If a child needs to go to a regularly scheduled day care facility, scouting program, etc. after school hours, the parent is required to send written notification of this to the teacher when this protocol is to begin
    The teacher needs to know by what means each student is to go home. If this is to be changed, a written note must be sent to the teacher. If your child will not be riding his/her day care van, please notify the daycare center
    If your child is participating in an Afterschool activity (Golf, Tennis, Run Club, Mad Science, etc.) please send written notification to your child’s teacher on the day of the activity.
    If your child is to go home with a classmate after school both the hosting and the visiting students should bring notes from their parents indicating the planned visit and who will be picking the children up at carpool. Both students are to report to the school office on the morning of the planned visit with their notes. This is done as a safety precaution.
    Remember students may not switch buses to go home with another student.
    No student can be permitted to ride home, in a car, with anyone other than his/her parent unless the child brings a note from his/her parent requesting such.
    Students are not allowed to leave the school campus during the day without an authorized adult.