• Durant Road Elementary School Safety Information

    ·         Our children and teachers practice monthly fire drills and seasonal severe weather drills. In addition, we practice 2 lock down drills per calendar year.  We always practice drills at least twice to ensure that students and teachers on all tracks understand the expectations and are comfortable following them.

    ·         Although our building has many doors, ALL doors are locked during instructional hours and after school.

    ·         All classrooms have individual classroom door keys for the teachers to use to immediately lock the doors should that be necessary.  

    ·         All staff and Wake County employees wear photo IDs during the school day.

    ·         All visitors are expected to sign in and obtain a visitor’s badge upon entry. A valid Driver’s License is mandatory. If parents are going to a trailer classroom, they must park in the front parking lot, enter through the front door and sign in for a badge.  Parents and other visitors will be redirected to the front office if they do not have a visitor’s badge. 

    ·         Teachers in the trailers have been asked to designate one door as the main entry/exit door for the classroom. (some of the trailers have two doors)  All doors will remain locked from the outside at all times. 

    ·         Parents need to use the established carpool area designated at the front of the school. If the chain is already up, please proceed through the carpool line to access the parking lot. Our bus lot area, Open Door Church lot and Deerland Grove Rd. in Hunter’s Knoll should not be used as a drop off or pick up site for our students.  There is no supervision provided in these areas for this purpose.