About Our School

  • School Vision:

    We are  Lynn Road Elementary. We are diverse and inclusive community growing responsible, global, and digital leaders committed to creating a positive footprint in the world.  


    School Mission:

    Progressive Environments

    Relationships & Rigor

    Inclusive Community

    Dynamic Experiences for 

    Each Child, Every Day

    We have the unique and honored opportunity to instill P.R.I.D.E in our students and "eliminate the ability to predict achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity" (WCPSS Strategic Plan). We are committed to remove all barriers in our mindset that prevent us from fulfilling this honorable work for our students and change the trajectory of their lives.

    That is Lions' P.R.I.D.E


School & Office Hours

  • Lynn Road Elementary is a traditional calendar school.

    Instructional Day:

    8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

    Office Hours:

    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM