• The Douglas Framework of Thinking

    Mission Statement:

    Wake County Public School System will provide a relevant and engaging education and will graduate
    students who are collaborative, creative, effective communicators and critical thinkers.

    Vision Statement:

    Douglas Creative Arts and Science Magnet Elementary School works as a collaborative community of
    teachers, students and parents to build positive relationships that create stimulating learning
    environments. We connect with the larger A+ schools network and tap community resources to
    differentiate learning through the multiple intelligences and provide intentional instruction with real world

    Core Beliefs:

    Every student is uniquely capable and deserves to be challenged and engaged in relevant, rigorous, and
    meaningful learning each day.
    • Every student is expected to learn, grow, and succeed while we will eliminate the ability to predict
    achievement based on socioeconomic status, race, and ethnicity.
    • Well-supported, highly effective, and dedicated principals, teachers, and staff are essential to success
    for all students.
    • The Board of Education, superintendent, and all staff, while sustaining best practices, will promote and
    support a culture of continuous improvement, risk-taking, and innovation that results in a high-performing
    organization focused on student achievement.
    • The Board of Education, superintendent, and all staff value a diverse school community that is inviting,
    respectful, inclusive, flexible, and supportive.
    • The Wake County residents value a strong public school system and will partner to provide the support
    and resources to fully realize our shared vision, accomplish the mission, and sustain our core beliefs.

    Value Statement:

    We believe:
    • A positive, nurturing environment plays an essential part in learning.
    • Students learn when they are engaged, interested and feel safe.
    • The arts and hands-on science provide rich experiences that allow students to learn in multiple ways,
    addressing their diverse needs.
    • We have high expectations of all students.
    • Building relationships with students and their families is essential.
    • Morning meetings are an important way to build relationships and establish a positive classroom climate
    and community.
    • Communication and collaboration among staff members, between staff and administration, and
    between staff, administration and parents is essential in creating a safe, healthy and supportive
    • 21st Century Skills, including collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and
    media/technology skills are essential for learning.