• Walker Procedures

    Walker passes:  Students should carry a walker pass when walking to and from school.  This helps us assure that parents and school are on the same page about safety and procedures for walking to and from school.  Please plan to complete a walker pass request during the Open House events in May and June.  We will prepare the passes and have them available at the Schedule Pick-Up events.

    Morning:  Most walkers will arrive from the subdivision behind the school. 

    1. Do not arrive before 7:45 am.  Walkers should not be congregated at the doors when they are opened.
    2. When you arrive, please enter the doors near the cafeteria and bus loop.
    3. Go directly to breakfast or to homeroom.


    1. Walkers will report to the cafeteria with the bus riders and sit in the walker section.
    2. Walkers should have passes visible.  When instructed to leave before the buses load, walkers should show their respective passes.

    Friends Walking Home:  We are aware that students may sometimes wish for a friend to also walk home with them.  

    1. Both sets of parents must write a letter in advance to give permission for the students to walk.   Please make sure you include phone numbers for both sets of parents.
    2. Both letters must be taken to Student Services to the receptionist at the start of the school day.
    3. The receptionist will call both parents to verify.
    4. The principal will grant permission following verification.
    5. The friend will be given a temporary pass to walk that day.