• Rolesville Middle School is a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support school and our students show pride in their school and respect for those around them by striving to follow four basic tenets of responsible behavior:

    • Respect All
    • Accept Responsibility
    • Make Good Choices
    • Safety Comes First 

    These four comprise the RAMS Expectations and all members of the school community learn about and practice these when they join our school.  What do these behaviors look like in action? Check out the PBIS Matrices below that outline what the RAMS Expectations look like in various situations and environments.

    Students remind themselves of the RAMS Expectations each morning when we recite the RAMS Pledge:

    I pledge to be a Ram.

    I pledge to be respectful, responsible, and kind.

    I can do anything if I use my mind.

    I pledge to take full ownership of my actions.

    I pledge to help my school in anyway I can.

    I accept the challenge to follow this pledge.

    I respect all, accept responsibility, make good choices, and safety comes first.

    I am a Rolesville Ram.


    Students are expected to abide by the guidelines and policies in the WCPSS Student Handbook and the RMS Student Handbook (see pink boxes).

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Download RMS Handbook