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    Rolesville Middle School Carpool Guidelines - Morning

    Due to some recent delays in carpool, we need to take time to smooth out our morning and afternoon carpool procedures.  Please read this information carefully and follow it as it is provided to make the morning better for everyone, especially your child.

    1. If you arrive before the 7:45 a.m. opening of the building, you may either drop your child off or wait until the doors open. Keep in mind that there is no supervision until 7:45.   If you wish to wait, please pull into an open parking space.  While it doesn’t appear to be a problem to wait in the lane, over time it will create movement problems and it also compromises safety.  It is much safer to pull straight out than have parents pull around parked cars.
    2. All traffic should remain in one line, not two.  Staff members need to be able to pull into spaces and we need to assure that emergency vehicles can enter if needed.
    3. Please pull down as far as you can.  We should be able to unload 10-15 cars during the busiest times of morning carpool if we fully utilize the carpool lane.  We will provide cones and signs to show you the drop off points.
    4. Where it is at all possible, please have your child exit from the right side of the car.
    5. Please make sure you arrive no later than 8:05 a.m. Even then, you are cutting it close for your child.  We have had many students come in late.  Before the tardy bell rings, your child will need time to go to the classroom area, go to the locker, go to the restroom/get water and THEN get into class.  That doesn’t even include breakfast or the possibility that your child might need to go to the media center. If your child is slowing you down in the mornings, we are happy to work with you to develop a contract. Call us.
    6. Sixth graders enter through the main doors.  Seventh and eighth graders enter through the stairwell doors at the front of the school.  However, once the 8:10 bell rings, we are going to lock the stairwell doors.  If a child will be tardy to class, they must register at the front office.

    For everyone’s safety, PLEASE refrain from cell phone use.

    Rolesville Middle School Carpool Guidelines – Afternoon
    Again, we are all fairly well engaged in the carpool groove.  This information should help you understand what is happening inside the building and how you can help to support a fluid, safe carpool pick-up each afternoon. Understand that unforeseen circumstances can slow carpool down.

    1. All cars should have a number for student pick up.
    2. We are using a Google Doc to post the numbers in separate pages on our classroom SmartBoards. Right now, we either have three or four pages of numbers each day.  We are posting one page at the time that has approximately 40 numbers.  Hopefully, this plan will persist as we expand in future years.  The streamlined nature of posting seems to work well.
    3. When that group of students has largely loaded, we call for another page of numbers.  We choose to call only a group at the time to assure that students will be safe and orderly as they load the cars.  We do not have adequate space to let all carpool students stand and wait in a manner like other schools perhaps do.
    4. This process works well when students pay attention and move with a purpose.  We can be finished in less than 15 minutes.
    5. If your child must be called over the loud speaker, please take time to talk with him or her about why it happened, sometimes the reason is legitimate.  Sometimes, they just were not paying attention.
    6. If your child is not paying attention, please help him or her understand that it creates a problem for the others who are further back in line.  Everyone slows down due to inattention.  Also, it is more dangerous, since we have to let cars pull around.  We want everyone to be safe.

    If there will be any transportation changes for your child, it is critical that you notify the school as soon as possible.  We cannot guarantee that we can notify your child of a change if you call later than 2:30 p.m.  The last thirty minutes of the day is very busy and it is difficult to track your child down that late in the day while also addressing those who come into the office during that late time period.

    For everyone’s safety, PLEASE refrain from cell phone use.