What is special about Fifth Grade?

  • Our Fifth Grade team believes it is important for students to engage in learning while building their skill set for today's world.  Hands-on learning experiences across the curriculum and the integration of 21st Century skills are our top priorities.  Students will sharpen their collaboration, communication, and critical-thinking skills as they engage in group projects that enhance their creativity.  Teachers and community leaders transport students back in time through a colonial times experience facilitated by Camp Flint Lock and with a trip to the coast to explore Fort Macon.  Additionally, students develop their scientific inquiry skills as they investigate weather, human body systems, matter, ecosystems, and physical science.  Students explore marine ecosystems at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Schores.  We are proud that, above all, our fifth graders are able to look back on their experiences and not only recall what they learned, but also value the relationships they built.

    Colonial times