September 2015 All Call Announcements

  • Good afternoon Wonderful Wakefield Eagle Families!  This is your principal, Ms. Keech with the weekly announcement.
    Announcements for 9-28-15
    Wakefield families do not forget that tomorrow night is our first PTA sponsored family spirit night at PDQ.  A percentage of the proceeds will go to raising money for Wakefield Elementary students. Come and join us for some good food and fun!
    Parents please also make sure that you are checking your child's backpack and Monday folder tonight for interims and picture day information.  Please also make sure that you have signed and returned all forms.  We still have some students who have not turned in their technology permission forms.  These forms must be turned in immediately.
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    Announcements for 9-21-15
    We had so much fun last Thursday night at our first Open House -Curriculum night.  We really enjoyed seeing all of you who were able to attend and enjoyed spending time with you getting to know you.
    Please note that this Wednesday (Sept. 23rd), school will be closed.  It is a teacher workday and the school will not be in session for students that day.
    By now, families of students in kindergarten and second grade should have received a letter announcing the great news of adding two teachers to our staff.  The new second grade class will be starting next Monday, Sept. 28th.  You will be notified by Friday if your child has been selected to be in that class.  We are still in the process of selecting a high quality kindergarten teacher at this time but will keep you up to date as to the timeline for the new kindergarten class start date. 
    Please make sure that you continue to review our Google Calendar located on the front page of our website for any upcoming events and activities.  
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    Announcements for 9-14-15
    Families, please do not forget that we will be hosting our "Open House-Curriculum Night" this Thursday - Sept. 17th beginning at 5:00 with a Picnic on the lawn (please see PTA flyer pertaining to food order details).  Then at 6 we will hold a brief PTA meeting followed by our classroom sessions at 6:30 and 7:00.  We hope to see all of you there for a wonderful evening of sharing.
    Kindergarten and Second grade parents please make sure that you are checking your child's Monday folder this evening.  There is a special letter from our administration just for you.
    Parents of carpoolers, please note that we are ROLLING!  Carpool is finishing much faster now and we need for everyone to be on time to pick their children up. School dismisses at 3:45 and carpool was finished at 4:05 today.  If you arrive after 4:10, you will need to park and come inside to pick your child up. 
    Please also be aware that if you are dropping your children off before 8:45 in the morning and leaving our campus, you are leaving your child un-supervised.  We do not have supervision for children prior to 8:45.
    Announcements for 9-8-15
    We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and are now ready to ROCK this school year!
    Parents, we want to remind you to please follow carpool procedures for drop off and pick up of your children.  Please also follow our requests for walkers and parking in our parking lot. And as many of you know, the YMCA will no longer allow you to park in their parking lot to pick up your walking or carpooling students.  Please also note that it is very important for you to adhere to Raleigh traffic laws if you are parking on any of the connecting streets.  We have tried to create procedures that assist in completing safe and efficient dismissals for our students.  Please support us as we try to keep your children safe. Thank you ahead of time for setting a good and safe example for your children.
    Wakefield families, remember to check our Google Calendar for upcoming events.  One of our most important events of the year is rapidly coming.  We will be hosting our very first Curriculum Night on Thursday, Sept. 17th.  Beginning at 5:00 we would like for all of our families to join us on the lawn for a picnic and hour of meeting other Wakefield families. (A food pre-order form has been included in your child's Monday folder that came home tonight). Then at 6:00 our PTA will conduct their first general meeting of the year.  At 6:30 you will be dismissed to go to your child's classroom for an informational session which will include an overview of the curriculum for the year, your child's teacher's expectations and any information pertaining to upcoming high stakes testing and etc.  At 7:00 you will have an opportunity to either leave or go to your other child's teacher's classroom.  The curriculum night will end at 7:30.  We hope to see all of you there.
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    Announcements for 9-3-15
    Good afternoon Wonderful Wakefield Eagle Families!  This is your principal Ms. Keech with an important reminder.  Tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 4th) is an early release day.  Students will be released at  1:15.  Please make sure that your child has transportation home at that time.  We will not be able to provide supervision for your children after dismissal due to district staff development attendance for our staff.
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    Announcements for 8-21-15 
    Good afternoon Wakefield Eagle Families!  This is your principal, Ms. Keech with this week's announcements.
    What a great first week we had!  I saw lots of happy children, parents and staff.   As I walked around the building, I had a chance to observe teachers teaching and students engaged in active and challenging lessons.  I know we are going to have a great year.
    Parents please remember that this Friday, Sept. 4th is our first Early Release due to professional development activities for our teachers.  Teachers will not be available for conferences or meetings on that day. We will be dismissing at 1:15 on Friday.  Please also make sure that you are reviewing our Google Calendar located on our website for any upcoming events. However, we would like to remind you that our "Open House/Curriculum Night" has been changed to Thursday, Sept 17th from 5-7:30 in order to avoid the middle school open house event the week before.
    Eagle families, please make sure that you are checking your child's backpacks each night and their Monday folders.  Our students have many important documents that need to be reviewed by their parents.  Please also review with your child our expectations located in the front of your child's agenda.  I have seen several of our students not in compliance with our dress code located on page 3, specifically with number 10 in reference to proper shoe attire.  Flip-flops/slides/any shoe without a strap on the back is not safe for our playground. 
    We want to thank everyone for your patience and support as we work hard to get our children in the school each day and dismissed safely and efficiently.  Please make sure that you are following all of our car-pool procedures and process.  Please also make sure that you are not parking in our back lot to pick up your car-pool children.  Our parking lot is very full this year and we are unable to accommodate everyone nor provide appropriate safety for students walking through a parking lot unattended. If you are unsure of our procedures or process please refer to our website where we have posted our car-pool guidelines.
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    Announcements for 8-21-15
    Good Afternoon Wakefield Eagles Families!  This is your principal Ms. Keech with some important announcements, reminders and date corrections.  Please pay close attention to the date corrections.  We will also be emailing this all-call script to our PTA for distribution to parents who have provided email addresses and posting it on our website.
    What an amazing night and turnout we had for our "Meet the Teacher" event Wednesday night.  It was wonderful seeing all of our students and families.  It was the biggest turnout that WES has seen in over 10 years! The large amount of people did create a few logistics problems however, mainly having to do with parking.  Therefore, we are having to make a change in one of our upcoming events.  Our "Open House/Curriculum night" scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 10th from 5-7:30 is being re-scheduled to Thursday, Sept. 17th from 5-7:30.  This is so we do not go up against Wakefield Middle School's open house on the 10th and limit our parking even more. We will get more details out to you as we get closer to the event.
    Please also note that there was an error in the time for Kindergarten "Meet the Teacher" on Friday, Aug. 28th.  The letter actually gave two different times.  We apologize for the confusion.  The correct time for the Kindergarten "Meet the Teacher" on Friday, Aug. 28th is from 1:00-2:00 (this is an earlier time due to possible large numbers competing with car-pool) .  Please note that it is a floating time and you can come at anytime during that window. Please also be aware that due to car-pool that day, you will be directed to our teacher parking lot to park and will not be allowed to park to the right of our drive as you exit (we will have cones and staff assisting you).
    If you are using our car-pool, please be respectful of our safety, security and efficiency procedures and follow our car-pool process as outlined in the parent mailer and map you received this summer.  Some parents begin to line up in car-pool as early as 3:15.  Students will not be dismissed until 3:45.  If you wish to avoid sitting in your car waiting in line, you may wish to come around 3:50 to get in line.  You will not be allowed to come to our back parking lot and park to get your child (we do not have the room for you and it creates a safety issue).  The YMCA has also sent out a notice that you will also not be allowed to park in their parking lot and have your child walk to it for pick up.  Please follow our procedure and we will move you quickly through the line. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
    We also would like our families to know that although we really want our parents to be involved in our school, it is also important for our students to begin to learn some independence. We realize that some of you may wish to walk your children into school on their first day but please be aware that we will not have enough parking for you and this could create a traffic flow problem as well as safety issues. We will have plenty of staff available in our halls to assist your children as they arrive and help them to their class. If you feel that it is absolutely necessary to walk your child in, you will need to sign in and leave promptly as teachers will be busy trying to greet all of their students and get their day rolling.
    Please also note that no parents will be allowed inside the building at dismissal.  You will be directed to wait on our side-walk for your walkers.  This is to insure that our campus is safe and secure and so that we can get all of the children out of the building quickly at dismissal. Parents will not be allowed to check their children out of our office after 3:15 pm each day (please refer to your student handbook).
    If you are a kindergarten parent, please make sure that you follow your staggered entry letter's process.  You need to report only on the day indicated in your letter during the first week of school and for the kinder "Meet the Teacher" event. If you have any questions pertaining to the staggered entry process, please do not hesitate to contact our front office at 919-562-3554.
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