• Greetings WES 5th Grade Parents!


    Wakefield Elementary 


    March 1, 2021


    Dear Wakefield 5th Grade Parents/Guardians, 


    As we near the end of the school year, it is time for you and your 5th grader to begin planning for middle school. Your child’s teachers and other staff members want to ensure that you are prepared for this experience.


    Your child will be recommended for a math course and any support services that are received (IEP, 504, ESL) by his/her teacher.  LA, Science, Social Studies, Health & PE are core classes that do not require a teacher recommendation.  Your child will also be able to select elective courses. Each middle school offers unique elective courses that your child can choose to take.  If you need confirmation about your child’s middle school placement, please contact your child’s teacher or our school counselor, Aimee Allen.  If you are interested in a transfer, please apply by March 12th through the Office of Student Assignment.  You can view the electives offered at your child’s assigned middle school by visiting www.wcpss.net/rising6th.  Our students are going to several different middle schools, so please check the school’s website for updated open house information.  


    Your child will choose his/her elective courses online using PowerSchool during the school day with guidance from school staff.  This process will occur March 10-March 27 during the media specials time.  We encourage you to review the elective course options available to your child together prior to the course selection period.  The availability of elective courses is dependent upon each school’s master schedule, and choosing an elective does not guarantee availability in your child’s individual schedule.  The online process is not a first come, first served process.


    If you have questions about the math placement this site is helpful Middle School Math - WCPSS.  Your child’s teacher makes the recommendation based on EOG scores from 3rd grade. Once students have selected their elective courses, you will receive a course verification email to review and approve including your child’s math recommendation.   The verification sheet will be sent April 17-23.   If you do not agree with the math placement, you may submit a parent waiver to request it to be reviewed. Elementary school principals will review the placement, but middle school principals have the final say.


    If you have questions about Middle School Open House events, please go to your child’s middle school’s website.   If you have questions related to registration, please reach out to your child’s teacher or Aimee Allen, our school counselor (ext. 22017, aallen@wcpss.net.) 


    We look forward to supporting your child during this exciting transition to middle school! 



    Cindy Keech




    https://www.wcpss.net/Page/60 - Middle School Planning Guide 
    www.wcpss.net/rising6th - MS Electives 
    Middle School Math - WCPSS - Math Placement Information for Parents 



    Troubleshooting tips:

    1. Some elective names might not match up. Look closely at your course selection sheet provided by the middle school. Usually, the title found under the Power School course registration site is the most current class offering.  

    2. Make sure to check if there is a second page of electives in Powerschool.  

    3. If your child is interested in band/orchestra, it is suggested he/she start during their 6th grade school year. 

    4. Once you are satisfied with your elective choices, don’t forget to push the “submit” button to confirm your choices.  

    5. You may continue to check the Middle School Resources on Wakefield Elementary School’s website under “Quick Links” for updates. 


    Email me if you have questions at aallen@wcpss.net.  

    Wakefield Middle School Counselor Contact - Christine Cox - ccox2@wcpss.net
    East Millbrook Counselor Contact - Joyce Risalvato - jrisalvato@wcpss.et 


    Thanks for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this new “virtual” way to get your child set up for middle school!