• Avoiding frequent tardiness issues
    With today’s hectic schedules and numerous demands, many parents and caregivers find it difficult to overcome the late habit. However, this habit can be broken and significantly reduced with a firm commitment to on time arrival. The following information will give you and your family some concrete suggestions for helping to break this habit.
          - Do as much as possible the night before
             Lay out clothes
             Make lunch or get lunch money ready & packed
             Gather all school supplies in one place and put by the door
          - Organize your time
             Identify what is making your family late & make some changes
             Plan out how long it will take to get to school & add 10-15 minutes for the unexpected
          - Turn off all electronic devices in the morning to avoid distractions!
          - Share the load with your child
             Give your child an alarm clock and have him/her be responsible for getting up
             Have children shower or bathe the night before
             Ask children to give parents/guardians a 10 minute warning before it's time to leave
             Ask other family, friends, or neighbors for help Make a game of getting ready
    Remember: what you do today is what your children will learn to do for tomorrow. Helping them learn responsible behavior will help them become productive, successful adults.