• 2018-2019 East Garner Staff

    Mission Statement

    The East Garner Elementary Family will provide a positive, purposeful and joyful learning environment where equity is championed and cultures are celebrated.  We will provide an inclusive community where students become invested in their own learning, curiosity is ignited, and innovative thinking is developed, which will prepare our students to successfully impact our ever-changing world.

    School Vision
    East Garner Elementary will foster a culture of excellence where all stakeholders work collaboratively and proactively through challenges by embracing and supporting the whole child in order to develop a positive growth mindset with the goal of high academic achievement for all learners.

    Value Statement
    At East Garner Elementary we are committed to:

    • Capitalizing on the individual talents of stakeholders
    • Collaborating effectively to maximize student potential
    • Having high expectations for students and staff
    • Partnering will all stakeholders to provide support systems for students, parents and staff
    • Using data and research to monitor progress and implement best instructional practices 
    • Providing a nurturing school environment that celebrates successes and acknowledges failures as opportunities for growth
    • Teaching, modeling and reinforcing the expected behavior throughout the total school environment (Make smart choices Always do your best Practice self control Show respect)
    • Maximizing All of the Potential in our Students and staff