WWF Policies and Guidelines

  • We recognize the importance of building our school community. You are a vital part of our school and we want you to be connected and up-to-date on our routines and guidelines. 

    • ABSENCES – If your child is absent or leaves before 12:30pm, per school board policy, it is required that a note be sent in or emailed to the teacher within 2 days of the student’s return to school. Any notes received after that will not be accepted. Text messages or DOJO messages are not accepted.  For more information regarding attendance visit: WCPSS Attendance policy.
    • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS – If you are planning to bring a treat for your child’s birthday, it will need to be pre-arranged with the classroom teacher. Individually wrapped/Pre-packaged foods only. No cupcakes, pizza, etc. are permitted. Also, no balloons or goody bags are not allowed.
    • BUILDING ACCESS - Ring the access bell to enter the building. This is a feature that allows us to keep our building secure. In order to enter the front office, you will need to press the access bell for us to help you. At times, we are assisting students and it may take a minute to answer the door. We appreciate your patience.
    • EARLY CHECK-OUTS - Students are required to have a parent or authorized person sign them out. You will need to come inside and check your student out with our front office.  There are no early check-outs between 3:15 – 3:45. We require photo ID for checkout. For a student to be released, the individual must be listed on the locator card AND they must have a photo ID with them. Students will not be released to anyone (including parents) without a photo ID. 
    • SCHOOL HOURS - School hours are 9:15am – 3:45pm. Students may enter the building at 8:45am. Students arriving late are required to check-in after 9:15am. You will need to walk your student inside and check them into the system. 
    • TRANSPORTAION CHANGES - Transportation changes must be submitted in writing (send a handwritten note with your child to school) or you must call the front office before 3:00 pm. Do not email transportation request changes to your child's teacher during the school day. Buses are assigned by WCPSS. Bus changes must be requested through WCPSS, and can take up to two weeks to be approved. Plan to provide transportation unless you have confirmation of bus assignment for your family.