About Our School

  • About North Forest Pines Elementary

    Established July 2007 


    North Forest Pines Elementary is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, just outside of Wake Forest. North Forest Pines Elementary is a year round school comprised of four different tracks for students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. The North Forest Pines staff focuses on collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication as it delivers high quality, rigorous curriculum. The goal is to focus on student academic growth with continuous improvement.

    To further support strong academic standards, North Forest Pines Elementary has a Literacy Coach, Intervention Teachers, English as a Second Language Teacher and an Academically Gifted teacher in addition to specialists in Art, Music, Physical Education and Media. North Forest Pines Elementary strives to incorporate 21st Century Skills and, as a result, is a Bring-Your-Own-Device school.  

    North Forest Pines Elementary has strong partners-in-education.  The after school program is operated by the YMCA and is held at North Forest Pines. The North Forest Pines PTA is a visible support in assisting with the mission of educating all children.  They actively work to support staff, students, and families become part of the Falcon Family.  

    We are the North Forest Pines Falcons. We SOAR  each day, as we:

    Show self control,
    Operate safely,
    Act responsibly, and
    Respect ourselves and others.