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October 8, 2021

Dear Rams Families


I hope everyone has had a great week!  It’s been wonderful to see all our Track 1 students return this week.


1. October is National Bullying Prevention Month:Our counselors and staff will be doing a variety of announcements and activities to help promote a safe and inclusive environment at RMS.  Please encourage your student to participate in these activities and to remember that the "R" in our Rams Pledge stands for Respect All!  Homeroom teachers will share specifics regarding activities.  For more information, click here.


2. See Something, Say Something: Please continue to remind your student that if he/she sees something that isn’t right, they should report that to a staff member.  We recognize that students say, “I don’t want to be a snitch”, but unreported incidents become difficult to respond to in a timely manner.  Students can always use their email to report things.  The same goes for anything that may be happening to them.  In order tohelp them we must know what is happening.  They can also email a teacher, counselor, or administrator and we will help.


3. Updates to Parent Communication: Beginning next week you may see some updates to parent communication that is happening from your student’s team.  Through our School Improvement Planning we have worked to be more consistent with our school/home communication regarding when, how, and what we communicate.  We hope this will be helpful and as you see these changes, please continue to provide us feedback.


4. Athletics Re-Cap and Upcoming Games: Girls’ soccer, volleyball, and football all put in a great effort this week in their games against Heritage.  Each came up a bit short in pulling off the victory, but we are proud of their efforts and the sportsmanship they displayed.


They will travel to Wake Forest next week for their competitions.  We wish them the best of luck as the season continues.


5. 8th Graders: HS options for next year: Beginning October 15th students are invited to apply to early colleges and magnet schools.  Early colleges help students earn up to two years of FREE college credits.  Please visit this link to find out about upcoming virtual sessions as well as other application information.  When students are ready to apply, they can view this video tutorial.  


For questions regarding magnet and/or early colleges, please reach out to Tamani Anderson-Powell at


I hope everyone has a great weekend!






Thaddeus Sherman


Rolesville Middle School