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August 27, 2021

Dear Rams Families


I hope everyone has had a great week!  Here are the updates and information for this week.


1. Transportation Delays: We appreciate everyone’s patience with transportation this week, especially bus transportation.  We are starting to see some improvements and are hopeful that next week we will settle into more consistent times for pick up and drop off.  


2. Tracks 3 and 4 AIG Nominations: To learn more about the Academically or Intellectually Gifted program, including how to nominate your child for the program, please review this link. If your child was previously identified as AIG in WCPSS, his/her AIG status remains unchanged.  If you have any questions about the AIG program, please reach out to our AIG teacher. Her name is Jenna Peterson (, and she will be happy to assist you.


3. Students Touching One Another: We are continuing to see students put their hands on one another.  In many cases we hear, “we were just playing”.  I have reminded students each day that we should never be putting our hands on other students, but especially right now during the pandemic.  In some cases, boys are hitting, or attempting to hit, other boys in the private area, which is unacceptable behavior.  Please help us to eliminate these types of things by reminding your student to keep their hands to themselves.


4. Inappropriate Conversations and Talk: We have seen a dramatic increase in the topics of conversations among students and comments students are making to one another.  This is especially so when it comes to topics that are inappropriate or of a sexual nature.  Please speak to your child about appropriate conversations while at school.  If your child is hearing these types of comments or inappropriate comments are being made to them, it is important that they report these to an adult.


5. School Food Pantry: We are in the beginning stages of re-opening our school food pantry.  If you or someone you know is in need of additional support with food, please contact our school social worker, Miriam Hill(, and she will be happy to assist you.


6. PTA: Please join our PTA and support RMS. It’s as easy as clicking on the link: Membership is $10 for 1 person and $18 for 2 people.

Also - the Rock is available for rent:

Our first General Assembly meeting will be scheduled shortly and Spirit Wear will also be available soon.  As always, we appreciate your support!


7. iReady Testing: All students will take the i-Ready reading diagnostic on Wednesday, September 1st. Please encourage your student to do his/her best as this diagnostic will give us current information about what your student already can do and where we need to provide support. i-Ready is an adaptive test, so questions will change based on student performance. We will share the results with parents with report cards.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!






Thaddeus Sherman


Rolesville Middle School