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March 19, 2021

Dear RMS Parents and Families,



I hope everyone has had a great week.  Here are the important reminders and updates as we head into the weekend.

1. Plan B Returning to School: As a reminder, here are the dates for our Plan B students and their in-person weekly rotation through track-out:

                 Cohort 1 / A: Week of March 22n

2. Next Wednesday: Next Wednesday is NOT a district RL day so Plan B students should plan to attend school.

3. End of 3rd Quarter: The end of the quarter is quickly approaching, which means students with missing work or other things that need to be turned in need to do that soon. They should be working closely with teachers to get this done.  Please also be sure you are checking Powerschools to see current grades and any assignments that are missing. 

4. 4th Quarter Material Pick-Up: This will take place in the days prior to tracking back in. More details will be sent as we get closer to that time.

5. Athletics: We are excited to begin our 2nd season of Spring Sports next week.  We will not meet over track-out.  In order to attend you must be registered and have all required paperwork on file.  For information regarding registration, dates, required forms, how to submit forms, and additional details please see the RMS 2020 – 2021 Athletics Flyer. If you have any questions please contact our AD, Mr. Brennan, at

6. Rolesville HS Business Academy: 8th grade Rams are you interested in business careers in graphic design, animation, audio/video production, web design, and project management?  Join the Rolesville High School Business Academy. Use this link for updated information about opportunities for current 8th graders to join the Rolesville High School Digital Arts and Project Management Business Academy. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Goshay

7. Heritage HS Agribusiness Academy: Students assigned to Heritage High School for 9th grade, don't miss the opportunity to join Heritage High Schools Agribusiness Academy. Mrs. Starling is the Academy Coordinator and wanted to share some of the exciting project that take place in the academy.  If you have any questions about the academy, Click here type in your question and Mrs. Starling will answer it using this document. Look inside the academy using this slide and video link followed by a YouTube video with detailed information on what you can expect in the courses offered in the Agribusiness Academy.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Goshay





Thaddeus Sherman


Rolesville Middle School