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February 26, 2021

Dear RMS Parents and Families,



I hope everyone has had a great week. It’s been wonderful to see our Cohort 3 students this past week.  We are looking forward to seeing Cohort 1 on Monday.  Many of the updates below are repeated from last week as a reminder for our Cohort 1 students, but please be sure to take a look at everything.


  1. Plan B Returning to School: We are looking forward to seeing our cohorts on the weeks listed below. These dates will take us up until we track out at the end of March.  Students may not attend school outside of their assigned cohort.


  1. Cohort 1 / A: Weeks of March 1st and March 22nd
  2. Cohort 2 / B: Week of March 8th
  3. Cohort 3 / C: Week of March 15th


  1. Arrival:


  1. Carpool: Please pull as far forward as possible in the carpool lane. Students should wait in their vehicle until a staff member comes to complete the required health screening, which includes a temperature check.  Please remember to turn your heat off prior to arriving to school.  If your child registers a temperature of 100.4 or higher, they will need to wait a few minutes to be re-screened before they may enter the building.


  1. Bus: Students will exit the bus at the direction of staff members outside monitoring bus arrival. Each student will go through the required health screening, including a temperate check.


  1. Updates to Carpool Dismissal: Please share this information with your child if they will go home through carpool in the afternoon. 7th and 8th grade students will come down the center stairwell and out the front doors.  This is a change from going down the pod stairwells and then down the center hall. This is the only time the center stairs should be used for "downstairs movement".  6th grade students will dismiss from electives so they should come down the center hallway and out the front doors. 
  2. Carpool Names: Because of the need for a controlled dismissal of students to ensure social distancing we have been calling students by name this year. To make this process more efficient we now have carpool tags. We will be handing these out each afternoon as we rotate through cohorts. Please hang these from your mirror at dismissal so we can send names inside to be announced.


  1. Updated Eating & Drinking Guidelines: The district has provided new guidance around eating and drinking during the school day to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Please review this information closely with your child this weekend.


  1. All students must keep their mask on until all students are seated.  They will be directed as to when they can take their mask off to begin eating.  While waiting for everyone to sit they can take their items out and prepare to eat.
  2. Students may not socialize while their mask is off and they're eating.
  3. Their mask must be put back on as soon as they are done eating.
  4. Once they are done eating and masks are back on they may socialize with those to their right or left (Tables are set up to allow for the 6 feet of distance between students).
  5. They may not turn to talk around to talk to students who are sitting behind them.

Water breaks in the classroom:

Students may no longer individually take their mask off to drink water.  Teachers will be scheduling brief water breaks 2-3 times during each class. 

  1. Laptops: For students who do not have a school-issued or personal device, they may borrow one each day at school. The process for students who need a laptop will be the same as it was in the first semester.  They will pick it up each morning on their way to class at the Media Center and will drop it off in the afternoon.


  1. Talent Show: The Arts Department is proud to announce that we will be having a school talent show, which will take place March 25, online. It will be shared through Google Meet's livestream function. Submissions can be vocal or instrumental music, dance, poetry, theatrical monologues/skits, etc. We will also share visual art contributions. 


Auditions will take place via flipgrid between March 1 and 14 and must be submitted through Flipgrid.  The link to do this is:  Visual art submissions should be sent to Ms. Rogers directly.  


  1. Athletics: To participate in athletics all required documents must be on file prior to participating. Documents should be sent via email to the athletics email address found in the flyer.  You can check out the RMS 2020 – 2021 Athletics Flyer for more information. 


Next week, Cohort 1 students and VA students who have been assigned to Cohort 1 for sports are the only students who may attend.  VA students should be dropped off out front at 3:25. Please do not leave until your child has gone through the health screening and paperwork and cohort have been confirmed. They flyer also includes important information about picking students up at 5:00 pm, as well as activity bus routes that can be utilized.


  1. High School on the Horizon: Attention parents of 8th grade students - Please check under the parents tab on our homepage to view our virtual High School on the Horizon parent presentation. If you still have questions after the presentation, you can sign up for one of our live FAQ sessions hosted by the counselors. 


  1. Next Wednesday: Please note that next Wednesday, March 3rd is a district-identified Remote Learning (RL) day. Remember that on these dates Plan B students do not report to school and all work is asynchronous (no live classes).


  1. Genius Rams Hour: This is an enrichment time for students who have completed all their assignments. It provides students with an opportunity to explore their own passions and encourages creativity. All work is completed independently with check ins from the staff. Students have been informed about this opportunity by team teachers. If your child is interested (or you would like for your child to pursue this 😉) you can reach out to Amy Walter at for additional information.





Thaddeus Sherman


Rolesville Middle School