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December 11, 2020

Dear RMS Parents and Families,



It was great to see all our Cohort 3 students again this week.  We look forward to welcoming back Cohort 1 next week.  Here are some important updates and information:


  1. Second Semester Schedule: In our planning for second semester we recognized the need to make some changes to our schedule. Our goal is always to reflect and adjust with a focus on doing what is best for students.


In short, Plan B and VA we will be shifting to a full day schedule 4 days/week and 1 day/week of asynchronous learning.  For VA students most office hours will be on the backside of each class to limit the increase in screen time.  Plan B students who are scheduled to be at school for in-person instruction will still come to school on the asynchronous learning day. 


We will share the full schedule with you and provide additional details next week.


  1. Cohort Information for NEW Plan B Students: I am happy to share that we are close to finalizing cohort assignments. We are working with the high school to make sure things are aligned.  I anticipate we will be able to share cohort information early next week.


  1. Asynchronous Day Next Week: Next Wednesday is an asynchronous day. This means there is no live instruction and Cohort 1 students should not report to school.


  1. Student Material Pick-Up: All VA students (and current Plan B students who did not return to school this semester) should make plans to come by school next Wednesday, December 16th to pick up necessary instructional items for next quarter. These items include their next ELA novel and/or math workbooks. 


It is important that the ELA novel students just finished is returned when you come next Wednesday.  To get the next book, you will need to return the current one or log on to pay for a replacement book.  We will have the information for you to do that when you arrive.


You may come anytime between 7:30 am – 3:00 pm.  Please arrive through carpool and wait in your vehicle until a staff member approaches.  They will ask for your child’s name and then bring out the materials.  With permission, you are welcome to pick up items for others.  Plan B students will receive their materials on the week they are at school for in-person instruction.


  1. VA Pictures: Our final date for VA pictures is this coming Monday from 3:30 – 5:30. All slots are full at this time. If you are still in need to sign up please contact me directly and I will see if we can make arrangements to come on Monday.


  1. December 21st & December 22nd: These are remote learning days, but live instruction, per our current schedule, will take place. These are the final two days of the second quarter so teachers will be working closely with student to finish any final assignments, make-up work, etc.


  1. PTA Membership: The RMS PTA is ready for your Membership! We are excited to announce that we have updated our website and membership process. Please visit our website for current information.


Please visit Member Hub to JOIN the PTA by going here.  A Ram Fund donation may also be made in the Member Hub website.


If you would like to rent The Rock you can do so by going here.


Information regarding our first General Assembly meeting will be coming soon!  Stay happy & healthy!  Thank you for your support! ~The RMS PTA





Thaddeus Sherman


Rolesville Middle School