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July 22, 2020

Dear Parents-


I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected during this time.  I have tried to limit communication too much up to this point because things seem to change daily and I know the district is also sending out a lot of parent communication.


As we move closer to the beginning of the school year you can expect to see an increase in my communication with you.  Beginning next week, I will send out my weekly principal message each Friday.  I strongly encourage you to also follow our school and myself on Twitter.  We often post information on that platform in addition to my weekly messages and our school website.  You can follow @rolesvillems and @rmsprincipal07


Today’s message includes three main topics:


1. Details Regarding Plan B Transition


A recommendation was made and approved by the school board yesterday forschools to open under a modified version of Plan B. This plan will be referred to as Plan B Transition. To continue to support you in your decision-making process concerning whether to enroll in the Virtual Academy (VA), we want to continue to provide you with as much information as possible.


Under the Plan B Transition, August 17th remains as the first day of school for all RMS students (All RMS students include those who have signed up for VA). All students will begin the year receiving online instruction.  The first two weeks will focus on orientation, virtual meet and greet opportunities, and the distribution of supplies.  There will be more information shared soon on what to expect during these two weeks.


Students under Plan B Transition or VA can expect consistent experiences and expectations regarding instruction, accountability, and communication. Both programs offer standards-aligned instructional experiences through similar online instruction and other assigned daily learning opportunities.


Families wishing to maintain the continuity of a fully online learning environment for the entire semester, or full year, regardless of any decisions made by the state or district to move to plan A, B, or C during the school year, should enroll in the VA.


If you have already registered your child for VA and you would like to make any changes this must be done at the school level.  Changes would include unenrolling and moving to the Plan B Transition or changing the length of time you signed up for (Fall only or Fall and Spring). Please contact our Data Manager, Jenny Walker, if you need to make any changes.  She can be reached by email at


The application window for enrolling in Virtual Academy will be reopened on July 27th and will remain open through July 29th. If you are not currently enrolled in VA and would like to now enroll please keep an eye out for the link, which will come from WCPSS.


2. Plan A/B/C and VA Comparison chart


You can learn more about each option by visiting this link: (The chart is not mobile-friendly. Please view on a desktop computer.)

3. Rams Roundtables


This Friday, I will be going online to discuss the work we are currently doing at RMS to prepare for the 2020 – 2021 school year.  While there are still many questions and unknowns, I hope to be able to provide some additional information for you.


There is limited capacity in Google Meet.  Please only attend the session for your child’s grade level and try to limit participation to one person per family.  Additionally, please do not share these codes with others or via social media because it may compromise our ability for those who truly need to attend to be able to do so.


When entering a Google Meet it is common courtesy to enter with your microphone muted.  Please mute your microphone upon entering.  Once the meeting begins, I will share some basic Google Meet etiquette, which will help to maximize our time together.


8th Grade @ 10:30, Link:

7th Grade @ 11:15, Link:

6th Grade @ 12:15, Link:


I hope everyone has a great remainder of the week!



Thaddeus Sherman