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Mid-September - 9.16.22 Memo


Our Leopards and Leopard Learning Leaders are off to a strong start! This week...the WCPSS server went down directly before we dismissed...we dismiss via Google Slide...our staff came together and we now have a back-up plan for no internet! WE are LEAD MINE Strong! We appreciate our families for fully supporting the work we do every day!


This week's updates & reminders:


  • Thursday, September 22 will be the Learning & Teaching Sessions for Lead Mine Families. Our Specialists, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade leaders will be presenting. Please join our Learning Leaders that evening to learn more about Learning and Teaching at Lead Mine! This event is for the adults in our Little Leopards' lives - please make arrangements for our Littles to remain at home. 
    • Session One - 5:30pm
    • Session Two - 6:15pm
    • The same information will be presented at both sessions.
  • Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade Leopards will be taking a student engagement survey. This survey helps us to support ALL our students with feeling safe, secure, and with having a sense of belonging at LME. We will use the data to consider steps to maintain and increase the needs of our Leopards.
  • Click Here to order Leopard Spirit Wear! The order window will end on Thursday, September 29th.
  • CARPOOL - please have our Leopards exit and enter curbside. It is not safe to get into or out of the car in the traffic lane. *Pedestrians have the right of way on all crosswalks. Please come to a complete stop, remain stopped, and allow our walkers and bike riders to cross the road.
  • Tardy - Leopards not seated by 8:30am are marked tardy. Please plan for drop-off between 8:00am-8:25am. This 25-minute period is a great time for students to settle in for their day!
  • WALKERS & BIKE RIDERS - the crossing guard for LME is not directly on our is down the road toward the shopping center. Please use the crosswalk that has a crossing guard present to cross Old Lead Mine Road safely. 
  • All Leopards should have a change of clothes in their book bags. This will help when any accident occurs. If there is not a change of clothes, we may need to call families to bring clothes. Please and thank you!