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Principal Grigg's Weekly Message 8/27/19

8/27/18 Baileywick Family Message


Good afternoon Bulldog Families,


We’re off to a great start to the new year and want to communicate some changes we have made to the recess structure in order to build children’s skills and enable them to engage in safe, equitable play.  It is our goal to create a total school environment in which every child feels confident, safe and supported in entering all aspects of learning and play.  


In order to teach students schoolwide academic and social expectations, teachers model and practice routines and expectations with students during the opening weeks.  In the past, we have not spent enough time teaching the routines and expectations for recess. We have also found that many of our students do not have a common understanding of basic playground games.  And you can imagine, this often leads to hurt feelings, injury and conflict.


As a result, we are beginning the year by teaching children a handful of initial games from which to choose during recess.   They will also be taught strategies for fair play and problem solving within the context of play. Children will be asked to select one of 3-5 play areas to begin with of each day, though will be free to move between activities as they wish.  Free play on the playground will always be provided as a choice. New recess games will be introduced weekly in order to build a large bank of recess options. As children build skills and game awareness, they will be able to self manage the activities.


We hope this information will  provide context and allow you to partner with us in supporting your children through this transition.  Please reach out with any questions.


Kind regards,


Baileywick Staff