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Dear Laurel Park Families, 

This week we celebrate our wonderful counselors, Caren MacEntee (grades K-2) and Ashley Truskowski (grades 3-5), for all that they do to support our Laurel Park community. National School Counselor Week (Feb. 5-9) brings attention to the counseling profession and its positive impact and contribution to public schools. Not only do Ms. MacEntee and Ms. Truskowski work with our students in individual and small groups for a variety of reasons, they also facilitate class lessons for whole-class needs. Our teachers and families rely on our counselors' support when problem-solving child-specific needs, which truly creates a balanced partnership. Help us recognize Ms. Truskowski and Ms. MacEntee 's greatness!


School Counselor Week, Feb. 5-9



Charelle Lovett, Principal


Upcoming Events / Important Dates (Community Calendar)

  • February 2: Quarter 2 Report Cards (Track 4), Tracks 1 & 2 Progress Reports
  • February 5-9: School Counselor Week
  • February 5-March 1: Olivia Rodrigo PTA Fundraiser
  • February 12-16: Love the Bus Week
  • February 7: World Read Aloud Day, PTA General Meeting @ 6:30 PM, LPES Media Center
  • February 14: Wear Red/Pink Spirit Day!, PTA Snack Cart, Happy Track Out, Track 2!
  • February 15: Welcome back, Track 3!, Tracks 1 & 3 SSA Information Session @ 7 PM
  • February 20: Spirit Night at Alpaca, 2 PM - 9 PM 
  • February 24: Spirit Night at Soda Box, 11 AM - 8 PM
  • March 4-15: LPES Book Fair, open 4:15-4:45 PM daily for families to shop
  • March 5: Teacher Workday
  • March 6: Track 4 SSA Information Session @ 7 PM
  • March 7: STEAM Night 5:30-7 PM


2024-25 Track Change Request

If you are seeking to request a track change for the 2024-25 school year, complete the form for EACH child attending Laurel Park Elementary. While school administration would like to grant all requests, state class size limits, keeping families together on the same track, the collapsing of Track 2 for next school year, and other variables must be considered when assigning students to tracks/classrooms. This form documents a request for a track change for the 2024-25 school year and does not guarantee a seat on a particular track. Track change requests must be submitted by Friday, March 1, 2024. If you do not wish to request a track change, you do not need to complete the form. Track change request form:

Silent Auction on Olivia Rodrigo Tickets!

Our amazing PTA always finds creative ways to support LPES students and teachers. The PTA is hosting a silent auction on two Olivia Rodrigo tickets for her March 8 show in Charlotte, NC. The silent auction will begin Monday, February 5 through Friday, March 1. The winner will be announced on March 1st!


Olivia Rodrigo


February 12 - 16: Love the Bus Week

Love the Bus Week is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate our amazing bus drivers who ensure our students get to and from school safely. We are lucky to have been assigned the same drivers for many years, and they have quickly become part of our school family. Please say a quick thanks or give a note of appreciation to your child's bus driver during Love the Bus Week! 


Love the Bus Week



February PTA Snack Cart

We are collecting staff treats for the monthly snack cart. Sign up to donate by February 13. The snack cart is on Wednesday, February 14


Valentine's Day at Laurel Park 

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to build a sense of community and promote friendship among peers. LPES students can participate in Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards during Classroom Huddle on Wednesday, February 14. Teachers will provide families with a class list with the first names of students. If participating, students must bring in one card for each classmate. (Homemade cards are a great way to show your creativity!)! LPES prefers non-food items to be exchanged (e.g., cards, stickers, pencils, erasers, etc.) but understands if small candy items are also brought into the classroom to exchange with peers. Students will not consume candy while at school for families to decide whether their child can have the sweet treat. 


Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) Nomination Windows Will Open Soon

Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) is an accelerative practice in WCPSS that allows students to show mastery of an elementary or middle school course. Acceleration is the practice of assigning students to a higher grade level for a single subject to provide access to appropriately challenging learning opportunities. Students must meet qualifying SSA criteria in grades K‐7 to take advanced academic content in Mathematics or English Language Arts. Nominated students for SSA will be assessed at school based on their current grade level. Depending on their grade level and subject, this could include a multiple-choice test and/or a writing sample. Students can be nominated for SSA testing by either their teacher or parent/guardian. If interested in SSA for your child, please speak with your child's classroom teacher or email Amy Stone at 
Considerations for families to reflect on before nominating:
  • Consider your child's social and emotional maturity.
  • Remember your child will be taking classes with older peers.
  • Consider your child's organizational skills and ability to focus.
  • Can your child begin or complete projects by themselves?
  • Consider that your child is skipping an entire year's worth of content and background knowledge.
  • Some grade levels will take the course online. Can your child participate independently in an online course?
  • Consider that the SSA class may be on a different schedule than your child's current grade.
  • Talk with your child's current classroom teacher about skipping a whole grade level of content.
  • Is my child currently performing with consistent 3's and 4's in the desired tested subject?
SSA Family Informational Meetings 
These meetings will be virtual at 7:00 with our SSA Coordinator, Amy Stone, at
  • Tracks 1 & 3: February 15
  • Track 4: March 6
  • Track 2: March 27
SSA Nomination Windows
  • Tracks 1 & 3: February 21 - March 5
  • Track 4: March 11-22
  • Track 2: April 1-12
SSA Testing Windows
  • Tracks 1 & 3: April 1-12
  • Tracks 2 & 4: April 22 - May 6

Wake Up and Read Book Drive

From January 17-February 17, Wake Up and Read will collect new and gently used children's books for ages from birth to 12. These books are shared at schools, community centers, and childcare facilities across Wake County. Last year, LPES collected over 1,800 books to support Wake Up and Read. Let's do our best to reach the goal of 2,000 books! A collection box is outside our media center AND next to the front doors of the school from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (Monday-Friday). Learn more about Wake Up and Read at


LPES Book Fair Begins March 1st

Our annual book fair will begin on March 4 and run through March 15. The book fair will be open to families to shop from 4:15-4:45 PM daily (except March 5th). Interested in volunteering at the book fair? Sign up here.

Book Fair Volunteers Needed


STEAM Night is March 7th! 

Our annual STEAM Night is on Thursday, March 7, 2024, 5:30 - 7 PM. STEAM Night is designed to celebrate and inspire students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. It provides an array of hands-on activities and demonstrations for students and their families to explore, engage in, and learn from. The STEAM Night Planning Committee is still looking for individuals, groups, and businesses to provide interactive and hands-on activities ( Completing the form confirms that you will be at our STEAM Night. Contact Tiffany Trent ( or Alison LeSueur ( if you have any questions.


STEAM Night Sign-up


2023-24 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremonies

Mark your calendars, 5th-grade families! Our 5th grade moving up ceremonies will be Monday, June 3 (Track 1) at 1:30 PM and Wednesday, June 26 (Tracks 3 & 4) at 1:30 PM.


Middle School Updates

Visit our Middle School Updates site for information on middle schools in the area. Ashley Truskowski ( will continuously update as she receives information for the upcoming year. Please contact her if you have any questions.


Laurel Park Character Strengths

Each month, a selected character strength is highlighted in the morning announcements and discussed during your child's Classroom Huddle/morning meeting.

During February, we will focus on Integrity -- You are honest and have strong moral principles.


Friendly Reminders

  • LPES Family Handbook 
  • Please remind your child to check the lost and found area in the cafeteria. We will donate lost and found items quarterly. The next donation is on April 1, 2024.
  • Each child needs a labeled set of extra clothes to keep in their backpack or cubby. This is not just for bathroom accidents! The Front Office does not have extra clothes to give to students. 
  • Interested in volunteering at LPES? Register at
  • Students who arrive at school after 9:15 AM must be signed in by the parent/guardian via the QR code on the front door. 


Field Day Save the Date