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EOG/EOC Results Will Be Available in PowerSchool

Parents of students who took EOG or EOC tests this spring will be able to view their child’s Individual Student Report (ISR) in PowerSchool on the dates listed below. To view your child’s ISR, log in to PowerSchool ( and click on State Test Reports on the left side of the menu. (The ISRs will only be viewable in the web-based version of PowerSchool. They are currently not viewable in the PowerSchool mobile app.)   

Results will be available on the following schedule: 

  • Week of June 19 for all students who tested through June 16*

  • Week of July 10 for all remaining assessments.

*English 2 EOC results may be delayed. 

If you would like a printed copy, or have questions about the information on the ISR or how to access it, please contact your child's school. The Martin Middle School phone number if 919-881-4970. 

For additional information about how to interpret these results, please view this short video or go to the NCDPI ISR webpage or the WCPSS Understanding EOG/EOC Test Results page.