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Science Olympiad Successes

Our students did a great and had a good time at State's Competition recently! A special thanks to Mr. Pileggi for all he has done to help the Team this year!
If you have any of the Olympians below, please congratulate them 🙂
Our medal winners are as follows:
1st - "Dynamic Planet" - Andrea G and Titus J
2nd - "Fast Facts" - Arjun P, Shriya V  
5th place - "Can't Judge a Powder" - Abihinav J and Anivita A
6th - "Disease Detectives" - Abihinav J, Shriya V 
7th - "Code Busters" - Kenneth C, Victor H, and Rushil R 
9th - "Crave the Wave" - Andrea G and Titus J
9th - "Solar System" - Arjun P  
10th - "Green Generation" - Victor H