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August 29th Mustang News

Good evening Mustangs. This is Marla Mondora with our weekly Mustang News. As a reminder, I send weekly communication via email and text each Sunday at 5pm. This will be the final week I am sending the weekly communication 3 ways, email, text and phone. If you did not receive this communication 3 ways, log in to to update your communication preferences. Additionally, please make certain your correct email, phone and cell numbers are on file at school. Contact or if you need to update your contact information. Beginning September 5th, I will only send weekly communication via email and text.



On behalf of the entire Martin staff, I would like to thank the PTA and all families for all the support in our opening of school. The staff appreciated the breakfast and welcome back gift as well as the lunch provided during the workdays. The entire school community loved the message that greeted all who came through the front of the school during the first week. We are grateful for our community support in making the opening of school absolutely fabulous!



Thank you to the 100 families who joined us for our first Martin Family Coffee of the year. For those who were not able to join us, the presentation can be found in the Announcement section of our website. We are compiling an FAQ from the chat to share as well.



Meet the Teacher Night:

The Martin Meet the Teacher Night is Thursday, September 9th, starting at 6pm. While our original hope was to see each of you in-person, our goal remains to maintain in-person learning and minimize quarantine. Therefore, we have made the decision to move the event to virtual. Families will be able to meet each teacher and follow their student’s schedule. Google Meet codes for each teacher/period will be shared next week. As soon as we are able to host families on campus, we will plan an in-person event.




Thank you for your patience during morning and afternoon carpool which has steadily improved each day. Parents are reminded to enter and exit the school parking lot from the Horton Street entrance making right hand turns only. If you are coming from the Lake Boone exit on the beltline, please continue up Lake Boone to Ridge Road to enter the carpool line. We do reserve the entrance to the lot on the “pool” side of campus for staff and special transportation. Please allow those vehicles to enter the parking lot in the morning. Parents, please do not let your student off in the middle of the street to cross traffic. This is very unsafe. We ask that all families use the carpool loop.



School Buses:

A reminder that families can check Homebase/ParentPortal for their student’s assigned bus stop and estimated pick up/drop off time. If you have not yet registered for a bus, please do so by visiting and navigating to the parent tab then transportation. We also encourage you to download the Here Comes the Bus App to track your student’s bus. More information can be found at




For those who walk, we ask that students use crosswalks, look both ways before crossing and are paying very close attention to traffic while entering or exiting campus. Morning arrival and afternoon dismissal are very busy times on The Ranch and we want you to be safe!



Fall Sports Tryouts:

Fall sports tryouts start tomorrow. Football, volleyball and girls’ soccer are Monday and Tuesday. Cheer tryouts are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please contact our athletic director, John Basaldu,, if you have questions.




Students did a great job with masks last week! We offered gentle reminders as they entered the building that masks needed to cover the nose, mouth and chin and should remain on unless actively eating and drinking. We do want to clarify that if students are wearing “gator” masks, they are to be doubled over, as all masks are to be at least 2-ply. We will continue to remind students to maintain distance while outside where masks are not required. We ask that you remind your students of that as well.



7th Grade Required Immunizations:

All 7th graders are required to have immunization records on file that include a Tdap booster and a Meningococcal vaccine. Email a copy of your student’s vaccination records to or




Yearbooks are on sale and at the lowest prices of the year, $35. The Martin yearbook is a wonderful, student created book capturing all the excitement that happens on The Ranch. Contact our yearbook advisor, Tipton Bricker,, if you have questions.


Have a wonderful Sunday evening!