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Principal Mondora's Weekly Message

Hello Martin families. Wekcome to this week's Mustang News. I would like to thank the parents who joined me for the Principal Coffee on Friday. It was great to see you and I hope you had your questions answered.


If your student still needs a device to access Remote Learning, please email an administrator or counselor so we can arrange a time for you to check out a device.


The Mustang staff is hard at work planning for virtual end of year celebrations. Be on the lookout for information about the Variety Shows, Character Recognition (May 29th) and Grade Level Awards Celebrations (June 5th).


By now you have had the opportunity to review the district’s decisions regarding grading. Teachers are working hard to update grades for student review. This year, students will be earning a “P” to designate when they have mastered course content or a “W” which denotes they did not master course content. It is important to note that the W will not result in a failure of the grade or a repeat of the class, it just indicates that the content was not mastered. Students still have time to submit any missing work or complete any grade recovery for 3rd quarter. If you have any questions whatsoever about grading, please reach out to your teachers, grade level counselor or grade level administrator. I am also available to answer any questions.


Some of you have asked about requesting numerical grades to be posted for students taking high school credit courses. First, as long as a student passes the course, they get the high school credit. It is not necessary to have a numeric grade in order to earn high school credit. Second, because middle school grades for high school classes DO NOT count towards the high school GPA, there is no impact for having a numeric grade on the class this year versus the P. You will receive an email with the formal request for the numeric grade to appear on your report card. This is required if you elect to have the numeric grade on the report card/transcripts. Students have until May 29th to submit any missing assignments or work for grade replacement. If you need further clarification about the impact of numeric grades on middle school students taking high school courses, please contact your teacher, grade level counselor or grade level administrator via email. I am also available to answer any questions. Please also note, there are no exams needed for high school credit this year.


We will have an opportunity for students to return to Martin to clean out lockers, return library books, ELA novels, athletic uniforms and other school items. We also plan to have yearbooks available for pick up at this time. If you know that items have been left in specific teacher classrooms, please email that teacher with the items left behind. Teachers will work to locate and label those items for pick up. Specific details about days and times will be sent soon. For now, know that the locker dates will be in the last couple weeks of the year.


Have a wonderful Sunday evening.